My Visit to The Buenos Aires Zoo- elephants chained and suffering

written by Christina:

Visiting Buenos Aires for 3 days prior to picking up a 21 day cruise into Antarctica, I sadly visited the Buenos Aires Zoo. The animals are contained in attractive Victorian cages. These are decorative, built in an outdated age. Saddest of all were the 2 elephants. Chained by their leg and only able to take a few steps in any direction.  They are on an elevated ‘island’. One was trying to make his awful life interesting, by backing up, and dropping one foot into the moat.. and then walking forward. Repeating this over and over.
I am haunted by the memory of the elephants.
I will donate to this sanctuary in Brasil and hope that one day, I might receive word, that these animals have been removed from the zoo in Buenos Aires, and have found a kind and happy life at this sanctuary.

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