Mud Party With Rana and Mara

During dinner time, we recently found Rana in one of the elephant-made mud wallows acting super silly. Mara came up behind Rana but stayed to the side. Even though Mara wasn’t playing in the wallow, she clearly wanted to be involved as she was standing very near, squeaking and chatting away. We grabbed the hose and starting making the puddle a little more splashy and fun, to Rana’s delight. Eventually, Mara began playing in the mud too.

All the elephant noises you hear are Mara, but most of the splashing is Rana. Rana is on the left, and Mara is on the right.

June 8, 2020


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    Sheila says

    Oh my goodness rana is so busy and happy great shes showing sweet ❤️?mara what to do love maras chatting! Shes so vocal! Very cool even squeeked at scott when he asked “ whats going on”? Very cute ladies‼️

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    Barb says

    Remarkable how these two have bonded and are in sync (if that’s the correct use of the word). Beautiful scene between friends! Thank you for sharing these moments.

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      Elaine K Decker says

      I would love to climb up a tree with a pillow and a mat and just lay there and watch them. It’s like watching g puppies play. You can’t help but smile and be at peace.

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      Tammy says

      It’s party time for sure looks like so much fun and its no wonder why your skin looks so great ladies also the garden hose is always so cute to watch as they play around with it just like a little kid, enjoy! Lots of love and super big hugs ??

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    Alejandra(Sandy)Enquin says

    Ay me muero de ternura,estas dos ladies son unos personajes de telenovela,sus andanzas tan divertidas ,los ruiditos amorosos de Mara pegadita a su amiga y Rana disfrutando a full.Ustedes unos genios?❤????

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    Jillyp says

    Rana is absolutely glowing – such a happy face. It’s fabulous to see all the little natural movements of happy elephants. These two are like like twins with their looks, behaviour and bond. Love these ladies ????
    They make my heart sing Thank you so so much for your wonderful, holistic care of them all

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    Bernadette says

    Can elephants put on too much weight? Only asking as they look wonderful around the face as if they are really filling out. Do they overeat?

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      Kat Blais says

      Yes, elephants can become obese and it is an issue in captivity. Maia is the only one of our girls who would be considered chunky, and her weight always goes up with new arrivals. We often use food to aid in social situations and she is a very fast eater. And if anyone leaves anything behind, she’ll find it and finish it. One of the benefits of having a vast habitat that provides food year-round is that you don’t have to supplement as much and the elephants often maintain at a healthier weight.

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    Heidi says

    That looks so fun! I want to play!

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    Renee says

    What will you do when Rana (or any of the girls) lose their molars? Do you mush up all their food or just sort of accept it as “the circle of life” and let her go peacefully? I hope its not a rude question but I thought with Rana’s age it must be getting to a consideration.

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      Kat Blais says

      There are soft food options if they lose their last set of molars. In general, they will wear down, not just fall out, and her current molars are not worn right now, so we should have plenty of time. In captive situations where natural foods are not offered regularly (browse, grass, etc) elephants don’t wear their teeth properly. It can cause a multitude of health issues related to their teeth, but with all of the captive elephants we have worked with in the Americas, the oldest being 70, we have never seen one that has worn down their last set of teeth. But if she did, we would absolutely cater to her needs.

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    Debbie Sides says

    Awe happy girls!?????

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    Rosie P says

    What a delightful video to wake up to! ESB is my first port of call each morning…sets me up for the day! Seeing two happy elephants is definitely food for the soul. How can we not be happy, too.

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    Carey says

    How much Rana has helped Mara make the most of her new life, wonderful, Cant wait for Mara to get the hang of it and they both get muddy together!

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