Mud Makes A Girl Happy

Muddy MaiaMud makes a girl happy. Maia and Guida have a new favorite spot in their most recent yard (see photo below). The new yard has two creek crossings, the first one the girls have chosen a steep area to cross, even though there are much easier spots. The second creek is where their little shaded lagoon is.

If you look at the photo below, you can see to the left is a wading pool that they bathe in, but right where they cross the road is thick gooey mud that they both seem to love to play in and coat themselves with. There are mornings where they are essentially covered head to toe. It dries quickly, so it can be tough getting a photo.

This was Maia the other morning, having just come out of their hiding space, with thick mud up her legs, in her ears and drying along her sides. And of course, a huge silly grin on her face.

June 20, 2018

Sanctuary mud path


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    Linda Lalonde says

    That is definitely a big, happy grin!!! Beautiful 🙂

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