Moving Forward With Several Projects

GuidaHow can you not love when happy flappy Guida takes the lead? Although she has always been a very ‘pretty’ elephant with her feminine features, she’s never looked more radiant than she does now. We always knew, from what she had been through and how quickly she began to recover, that she was an incredibly strong elephant. But to see that strength and confidence translate into everything she does is¬†phenomenal.

While our girls are still loving their new area, we are trying to move forward with several projects. With the completion of the latest area, we now have to apply for the LO licenses four female Asian elephants, and yes, those spots are already taken. It is actually five because one of the original licenses was for Pelusa, which we now have to reassign to another elephant. Ramba’s permits are still pending (groan), but those are with the national organization Ibama, while SEMA is the state organization that handles the LO. Yes, it’s more complicated and convoluted than you can imagine.

Our next load of steel is ordered and upon delivery we will finally be able to pick up again on construction of the African elephant habitat. With the outside barn structure complete and electricity at the barn, the guys will start welding the inside stalls of the barn. This area will house Kenya and possibly other elephants shortly after that. Before the load of steel was delivered, we had to take apart and reinforce the bridge that leads up the hill to Africa. This is in the final stages and concrete should be coming this week to finish it.

Pelusa’s crate is now being re-adjusted so that it can be used for Ramba. This includes changing the back gate to a ‘normal’ height, adding a tray for urine collection for the flight and dropping the roof down just a touch- although it is adjustable, we will drop it to the height needed to enter through the plane door. Our other crate, has one of two possible destinations, we will share more when we know where it is headed.

June 25, 2018


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    Sherry says

    God will make it possible for all you are doing for these wonderful creatures!! Keep praying!!!

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