Morning with the Ladies

Morning with the ladies generally goes one of two ways. They are either tired from staying up all night or as a result of a food coma, or they are light and silly with a bit of vocalizations. And although food coma Maia is quite enjoyable, (it’s not often you see an elephant decide to nap mid step) chatty and playful seems to make Guida very happy.

In the video Maia starts out closer to the camera with the air blowing, while Guida is behind rumbling. The trunk pop is Maia, then there’s deep rumbling a mini trumpet from Guida (which is as big as they get for her). The other noise is Maia followed by her trumpet. This is the tail end of their play, but as always, we try to be present and engaged with them as well as recording moments to share how fantastic they are.

November 17, 2018


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    Tom DiCarrado says

    Always great to see happy elephants!

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