More Time Inside The Barn For Ramba

Ramba in ChileLovely Miss Ramba has the best smile and is almost all back to feeling like herself again. Her superficial wound has healed, the swelling is all gone and her behavior is still a tiny touch slow. But the weather is also changing and she is spending more time inside the barn, which isn’t her favorite thing to do.

The barn is always open, so Ramba can come and go as she pleases, but she likes to stand under her heater when she is chilly, warm up a bit, then head outside to graze until she needs to warm up again.

From Consu-

“Quiet day… mama still have this quiet and calm energy. Sometimes i feel her with a little low mood but maybe is for the weather. Is very cold in the morning and also in the afternoon and our mama don’t like this too much. I hope that this week she can receive the last sun rays and charge good her body for the winter time¬†????????????????

May 29, 2018


  1. REPLY
    Linda Lalonde says

    Thank you Consu for your updates! Keep hangin’ in there Mama Ramba, let all the love Consu and so many others feel for you keep you warm in the chilly weather!

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