More of a Mosey Speed

Maia and GuidaOur ladies are lovely and falling back into a little more of a mosey speed- or at least one of them is. With just a couple of weeks of rain, there is so much that is fresh and green. This means slower walks out to some of their favorite spots. While Maia is a little more direct with staying on the road and heading for the mud holes and ponds, Guida gets a little more side tracked.

If you follow their footprints, they often start with two sets and then one breaks off into the trees. That’s Miss Guida’s prints. She takes the long way everywhere, individually plucking new leaves and finding vines and flowers that have come up in the past few days. It takes her a little longer to get there but her friend is still waiting when she arrives.

October 8, 2018

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    Maggie Shrimpton says

    Fabulous. I love hearing about our beautiful girls. Guida is happy cruising along eating and possibly having a scratch on a tree, and Maia just heads for the mud spa. She probably goes in head first too! ❤️?❤️?

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