A Moment for Pelusa

Pelusa at La Plata Zoo, March 2017

Pelusa at the La Plata Zoo, March 2017

It’s that time again, a moment for Pelusa – to focus on her strength, health and her journey to sanctuary. To wish, hope, pray or envision a future where she is able to heal and feel nurturing support from other elephants.

This time we are sharing a photo from Scott’s visit in March of last year. This photo captures a little bit of her spirit, the light that is within her tired body. A little cheeky, a little attitude and a good portion of stubborn grandma. Her presence is easier to see when you are with her, but isn’t as bright as it was a year ago.

The spitfire side of her is something we hope to see at sanctuary. It would be wonderful to be sharing a before and after of Pelusa one year from now. It may be an unrealistic goal, but it doesn’t stop us from hoping. Pelusa has been through a lot, but she’s a strong soul and we are hoping to be able to offer her rest for her weary body, dedicated care to ease her pain and two very loving elephants to let her know that no matter where her journey leads, she is not alone.

To learn more about Pelusa’s life up until now and our hope for her future, you can go here. For those who want to help and support her care, we will be holding a 24-hour fundraiser on May 2nd for a medical jacuzzi tub and other items.


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    Debbie Sides says

    I’m praying that you get to sanctuary this year Pelusa! I’ll keep donating in hopes of seeing you at ESB sweet girl!

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