Mellow Happy Rana


One recent afternoon, as Scott and Kat headed up the hill to their house for lunch, they saw Rana in the habitat.

It was a hot, sunny day, and Rana was standing lazily in the sun. There was a water trough within a few steps (which means a hose and spigot were nearby as well). Since Rana is irresistible, Kat and Scott decided to stop and spray her down with the hose to cool her off. This way, she could comfortably stay in the sun for a bit longer since she seemed to be enjoying where she was.

Rana lazily stood there, letting the water run over her and drip down. She held her trunk under her neck, behind her ear, catching the water running down the natural channel formed in that space. When her trunk was full, Rana would spray the water on the far of her body for an even coating. Once she was happily saturated, Kat and Scott left sleepy Rana to enjoy her sunny cat nap.

Photo of a dry, but happy, Rana.

April 30, 2020


  1. REPLY
    Heidi says

    Aw, she’s so smart!

  2. REPLY
    Nancy Shaw says

    You are the couple running the perfect Bed and Breakfast !! Looking after your guests’ every needs and desires !!
    It is so wonderful they get to stay long term…. sigh : ) !!

  3. REPLY
    Kelejan says

    You all paint so many beautiful pictures with your words,I can just imagine standing in the sunshine and feeling content to let humans pamper you and not be afraid of them.

    • REPLY
      Rosie P says

      I totally agree. I aways feel right there in the moment when I read these posts.

  4. REPLY
    Alana says

    Would you look at that face! That’s my girl! Thanks for treating them like the royalty they all are.
    You guys are always a bright spot in my day. Thanks so much.

  5. REPLY
    Susan says

    Beautiful RanaBug!!! Would you look at that smile? ? She is just the sweetest, thank you for posting!! ❤️?❤️

  6. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    She so cute and sweet. Irresistable indeed.??

  7. REPLY
    Sallie Robbins-Druian says

    How can you not love her!

  8. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    Your dedication to these incredible creatures is second to none. Everything you do for them and for the care of their habitat is done so with love and total commitment. Awesome!

  9. REPLY
    Will Parker says

    She must be very pleased with her personal Water Brigade thats very COOL.

  10. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Rana loved every second of the hose!

  11. REPLY
    Muriel Servaege says

    Awesome image of Rana quietly enjoying her afternoon.

  12. REPLY
    Natalie Gray says

    I’m so glad the elephants are all content, and I can just imagine Rana there in the warm sun.

  13. REPLY
    carey says

    Rana is sooooo lovely

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