May 2014: Bringing Sanctuary to Life

May has arrived. Here in the northern hemisphere it’s a time of growth, rejuvenation and birth. For our friends south of the Equator, it’s a different story. For Ramba, down in Chile, winter is starting to encroach, nights are chilly and she is spending more time in her protected barn. One of Ramba’s caregivers recently captured a picture of her sleeping inside; the picture arrived with the attached note, ‘She Breaths.’ With puzzled looks on our faces we questioned the real meaning. We’ve learned, with our poor but improving Portuguese and Spanish skills, to ask questions before making assumptions, in this case the intended note was ‘she snores.’ Yes elephants snore; it is a fabulous, peaceful and very endearing sound. We’re not ready to move Ramba to Brazil but we’re very happy that she is in good and nurturing hands this winter.

A little further north, our partners in Brazil are working diligently, we’re still not quite ready but we’re getting close to announcing the location of Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. What we can tell you is that if this property works out, this will be Ramba’s last cold winter and her days of sleeping in the barn to avoid the chill of the night will be a thing of the past…there are warmer, much warmer days ahead.

Through the past couple of months, our team, North and South of the equator have been working on many fronts; networking, legal teams, gathering support, research and so much more. Building a sanctuary for elephants is a simple concept: creating a natural, expansive space where they can truly be elephants, but it comes with challenging and complex logistics. With our extraordinary team tackling this task from many directions, it can sometimes seem like progress is stagnating but this May, it looks like we’re going to see the culmination of our efforts giving way to new life.

Throughout this month we’ll be posting exciting new developments along with a little of the back story, sharing with you some of the multitude of components that we have to consider to ensure that Sanctuary will meet the huge array of needs and desires for the caregivers, environment, government and mostly for the elephants. We’ll have posts on Facebook, our blog and twitter and we’re going to unveil the first installment of our e-newsletter ‘Global Rumblings’! If you have not already signed up, please visit the sign up page to provide us with your email address to ensure that you don’t miss out. Please also note that there are changes with Facebook; when companies post updates, not everyone that has liked the organization will see each post, so it is now even more important for you to check our Facebook page frequently to read the latest updates. I personally want to thank everyone that has posted a note or comment on our Facebook page, we love hearing your thoughts and we welcome your questions.

Stay connected, this is going to be an exciting month and I think that you’ll find our recent efforts intriguing. Sanctuary is huge, it truly becomes a life of it’s own, join us as we work to create a brighter future for captive elephants.

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