Mara’s Move is Going Well!

Facebook Live Monday Evening

Dinner break for the caravan. Both Mara and the humans are enjoying dinner in a parking lot of a check station along the way. It’s getting dark, but you can see Mara a little in her crate. She’s drinking water and eating some hay. The current plan is another 250 KM of driving today before stopping for the night. Tomorrow will be a longer day.

We expect the entire trip to last 4-5 days, so we are looking at arriving sometime midweek this week. We will keep everyone posted as we continue along the journey.

We want to mention that there have been some issues with some people receiving texts – either texts not coming through or having a delay. It looks like its an issue with a specific carrier, so we apologize to anyone not receiving texts. If you signed up for text messages on your mobile phone and are not receiving them, try restarting your phone as that helps some people experiencing the issue.

May 11, 2020

Additional Photos, Videos, and Her Travel Map →



Facebook Live Monday Morning

Mara is still in customs, but Scott is with her on the Brazil side of the border!

May 11, 2020


  1. REPLY
    Sallie Robbins-Druian says

    This has to be one very patient elephant. Mara, you are amazing!

  2. REPLY
    Tammy says

    So glad to see you’ve made it there happy trails to all be safe stay well God Bless! Big hugs ?

  3. REPLY
    Alana says

    I didn’t get a text & Facebook didn’t have the live fed when I looked. I’ll try again in the morning. Sweet Dreams everyone!

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says

      We are posting the live feeds here on the website (once wrapped up), also. You can find them here. And if you aren’t receiving the text messages, try restarting your cell phone; that seems to be working for many.

  4. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    I’ve been keeping a close check all through the day for updates and texts. Brilliant to know all is going well so far……with you all the way!
    Be safe everyone and big virtual elliehugs for Mara.

  5. REPLY
    Shirley Taylor says

    So happy for you all. Keep safe and looking forward to getting updates and videos. X

  6. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Why does it take a long time to do anything? This is hard on humans and animals. We are alike this way.
    Thank you for taking such good care of this elephant. Bless her heart and the teams, also.

  7. REPLY
    Muriel Servaege says

    So pleased Mara is doing well.

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