Mara’s Growing Relationship With Guille

As you know, Bambi and Maia split a good bit of time with Guillermina when she needs to spend some of her youthful energy. They seem to understand her need for companionship, but also are willing to let her be playful – and often play along – when that side of her personality makes an appearance. Because of their established relationships, their growing relationships aren’t surprising to us. However, Mara has stepped up in a big way, which has impressed us in the best possible way.

Shortly after Mara’s arrival, she experienced a bout of gastrointestinal distress, which meant that she was more nurtured by the others than she herself nurtured her fellow elephants. She was also intimidated by Maia and her exuberant energy in her very early days, preferring the calm nature of Rana. Perhaps that is why she did not initially bond tightly with Guille. Like Maia, you can almost sense Guillermina’s energy before she steps onto the scene. Guillermina is charming as can be, but some personalities just click with hers better than others. 

Since Pocha’s passing, it seems that Mara has put aside some of her initial hesitancy toward Guille and decided she wanted to take on a more supportive role in her healing. This is not necessarily what we would have expected from Mara, but it is a comfort to see. Somehow, Mara seemed to fall into the role naturally. She was the first elephant to really stay by Guille’s side next to her mother. She’s also been soft and welcoming towards her lately – standing side by side, touching Guillermina and letting Guille touch her in return, something that wouldn’t have happened before Pocha’s passing. It’s nice to see Mara embracing the nurturing side of being an elephant because that is a big part of what we’ve always witnessed from them as a species. It goes to show that, when necessary, even the most surprising individuals can step forward and not only show care and concern, but lead others to do so as well, even when it’s not what you might expect. 

Photo of Mara


  1. REPLY
    Nancy says

    This almost made me cry.

  2. REPLY
    Pam says

    How lovely to see these developments in Mara. And wonderful to know that she and Guille are connecting and building a friendship. Thank you for sharing these insights into life at Sanctuary …

  3. REPLY
    Sue says

    So lovely to witness how Elephants care and support each other through difficult times with everyone lending a loving trunk to Guille. Just another thing I respect and love about these amazing beings! Thank you for continuing to share with us. Sending love and hope to all of you as you recover. ❤️🐘❤️🥰

  4. REPLY
    Tracy H says

    This is so beautiful to read as I’m sure it is to witness. Way to go sweet Mara. The girls make me happy each and every day. The love and compassion they show is truly wonderful to hear about. Thanks again to each of you that care so much about these lovely ladies and give them the life they totally deserve. I love them all so much 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

  5. REPLY
    Sunny says

    What a beauty she is 🤗

  6. REPLY
    kathleen mantz says

    Sweetest story. Makes my day more joyful.

  7. REPLY
    Alejandra Enquin says

    MARA TE AMO MI GORDA LINDA desde tu partida del ecoparque de mi ciudad, Buenos Aires cada dia pienso en como estas🙌💖😘🐘.Gracias por amadrinar y apapachar a Guillita🙌

  8. REPLY
    Carole Hough says

    They never cease to surprise in their wisdom….but then they don’t really because all things are possible with ellies.
    We can learn so much from them… this is beautiful & profound . Thank you 🐘

  9. REPLY
    Tammy says

    So proud of you Mara tears of joy fill my eyes thank you so much for sharing this i’m so happy to be part of this amazing incredible global family of elephant lovers 🙏🐘💞

  10. REPLY
    Deanna says

    What wonderful news . Mara ❤️✊🏼🐘🐘 is amazing! Bless you both sweethearts !

  11. REPLY
    Wim says

    Thanks Mara for throwing a line.
    The healing elephant is real.

  12. REPLY
    Queita says

    Such wonderful creatures…… I wish mankind could show them the respect they deserve.

  13. REPLY
    Viviana Gallo says

    Qué hermosa Mara, acudiendo en ayuda de la pequeña Guillermina. Te amamos Mara!!

  14. REPLY
    Susy says

    Gracias.. gracias. Leer sobre Guille, el apoyo que le brindan las chicas hace que mí corazón se aleje un poco de la tristeza. Gracias.. porque como siempre sus relatos me hacen imaginar la vida que tienen estos hermosos y maravillosos seres, a los que amo cada día más.

  15. REPLY
    Rachel says

    Lovely, inspiring post. Thanks so much for this update.

  16. REPLY
    Bonnie says

    Sara you all are wonderful human beings you have a heart you can and you watch them grow just wanted to say this and thanks for the update

  17. REPLY
    Bonnie says

    Sorry meant care

  18. REPLY
    Deanna Young says

    To Sara – gracias y thank you for your gracious reports on behalf of the entire Sanctuary4elephants family. Grateful to have you! Mara ( villosa) has shown her that she is there for dear Guillerminita and ever so gentle with her caresses … may that bond grow stronger every day . Luz y amor para GUI ❤️🐘✊🏼💫⭐️🐘🐘🐘🐘

  19. REPLY
    Carmen Dalziel says

    What a wonderful surprise and comforting update. Way to go Mara! That’s a big step for her to initiate. Bambi probably wants to burst out her puppy personality but has learned to tuck that energy away. I hope playtime becomes a norm for these 3

  20. REPLY
    María Elizabeth Alvarez says

    Mara is so special…..

  21. REPLY
    Sevda Cenkci says

    So Beautiful. Nice to see they are protected.

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