Mara’s First Morning and She’s Doing Great!

A quick update to let everyone know that Mara is doing great this morning.  Two videos below (from Scott’s Facebook Live this morning) of her in the Elephant Care Center (barn) where she spent last night to rest up  – and of her exploring her new space for the first time! ❤️

You can find additional photos and videos here →





  1. REPLY
    Debra Moore says

    OH she is a picky little thing! Eating those grasses one at a time! VERY sweet. Thank you, Miis the FB feeds.

  2. REPLY
    June Ross says

    Mara is totally amazing! She uses her nose constantly! LOve her eyes as well. She sure watches everyone!

  3. REPLY
    Alana says

    So cute & another distinct personality. She’s starting from square one, little birds are such a part of their natural world. She has so many great things to discover. Can’t wait tell she sees a mud wallow. I to have high hopes for her & Rana Bug.

  4. REPLY
    Susan says

    Thank you for the videos, as always. Such a beautiful experience watching this amazing lovely Girl explore her new world! Tears of joy to see her finally getting the opportunity. Thank you all, each and every person, for all you do. ❤️?❤️

  5. REPLY
    Yami says

    Hermosa Mara, se feliz bebé ?? gracias por hacer eso posible!

  6. REPLY
    Julie says

    She is an individual, isn’t she. She was so brave to come out of the gate so quickly, then she’s nervous about black birds. I think Rana Bug will love her right away. Hopefully, she’ll feel the same! ❤️

  7. REPLY
    Nancy Jordan says

    Thank you so much for your videos of the lovely Mara Scott. Each time watching a new arrival at the sanctuary is as exciting as watching for the first time. Your love for elephants is so strong Scott and it’s so heartwarming to hear the love in your voice Scott and your enthusiasm for Maras healing to take place on her time and her terms . You just couldn’t adore your girls any more than you do. They are so lucky to have you as are we to have you share these moments with us

  8. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    Mara is such a beauty. It is fabulous to watch her explore her new surroundings and I do enjoy Scott’s update videos, always so informatinve and interesting and the love for the girls is plain to see.
    To see Mara home at last is amazing. Her transport delayed due to the virus outbreak was a disappointment but necessary and then this brilliant surprise when we learned that Mara was on her way! Joy of joys!
    Her skin is itchy and she is using the branch as a body rub.Have trunk will travel!!!! I was hoping she would find the itchy-scratchy tree soon….and now I see in her last video that she has! The mud wallow will also help that dry skin.
    Welcome home, sweet girl!

  9. REPLY
    Sherry says

    She looks healthy and I believe she will love being at GSE!! I hope she will have a happy relationship with the other elephants.
    Thank you Kat and Scott and all of the caretakers!

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