Mara, Maia, and Rana

Maia is on the left (by herself), Mara is in the middle, Rana is on the right. They have been interacting occasionally along the fence today, but Maia has still not shared space with Mara.

Maia seemed a little sleepy, cranky, and disinterested this morning, so we decided it would not be a good “first day” for them to share space. We think we are likely to let Maia in with them tomorrow. Rana and Maia know each other very well. Everyone is doing well, and it is a much quieter day here today.



The video below was taken a short time after the one above:

Rana is on the left, Mara is in the middle, and Maia is behind Mara on the other side of the fence. Mara and  Maia had been socializing along the fence for around ten minutes and were being very vocal before Scott started doing a Facebook Live video. They were trumpeting and Mara was squeaking.  Once he started filming, they got quieter, but it is still sweet to watch.

The video is a little grainy as Scott is far away and it is dusk. Once the sun goes down, everything changes in the elephants. They become softer, sweeter, and a little more in touch. It is just a sweet and gentle time. Mara has still not been in the same yard with Maia, but we will likely try it tomorrow.

For those wondering about Lady, she is around one kilometer away.

May 18, 2020


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    Sheila says

    Thanks scott for the commentary and video!! So nice to see maia? be friendly to mara?yes rana has no concern about. Maia chatting and maras meeting.! Think rana ?wants a herd community and that includes sweet lil ?lady!! Looking forward to maia oining mara and rana tomorrow!?

  2. REPLY
    Tammy says

    This never gets old watching and listening to all the girls is so very special and truly wonderful we learn so so much from you Scott and Kat things I’ve never known you’ve taught me and i’m over the moon thrilled and so happy to be witnessing the love they share showing and proving to humans how very much we can really learn from these adorable gentle giants and I must say I would trade places with you in a heartbeat even for just a day to experience these special moments first hand so thank you for what you do thank you for explaining everything so well thank you for sharing your selfless journey of giving these beautiful Elephants a chance to find out what life is supposed to be like for them and the good kind loving side of humans and we couldn’t be prouder or have better role models you two who are honestly the real deal and these Elephants are beyond fortunate to have you in their corner fighting so hard for them! Much love and hugs ???

  3. REPLY
    Sallie Robbins-Druian says

    Girl power in action! It is working out just fine! Thank you, Scott & Kat!

  4. REPLY
    Paula says

    Mara encontró la compañía y contención de otro elefante que necesitó toda su vida.
    Es increíble! No se despega de Rana, busca siempre su contacto físico, y la sigue a donde ella va ?❤?

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