Mara Grazes Near Pocha’s Grave

Pocha is buried in a lovely area in Yard 3, somewhat near the barn where she and Guillermina first started to embrace their new sanctuary life. It’s also a spot that the other elephants like to visit from time to time. There is an abundance of greenery that they find delicious – and it might have another significant meaning to them as well. As Scott mentions in the video, we’ll never know exactly what draws the girls to this particular place, but there is always room to wonder if Pocha’s memory lingers strongly nearby. 


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    Carol says

    Missing our dear momma, Pocha. May she continue to rest in peace. 🙏🏻🫶🏻💐

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    Wim says

    Beautiful thoughts, made me think of Big Tuskless in Kenya. Her family came to pay respect to her remains. Elephants really live in another galaxy.

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    Carolyn says

    Do you think that they can still smell her in that area. With their sensitivities it wouldn’t surprise me of they could.

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      Sara says

      There is no way to know if they can still smell anything. Perhaps, if Mara did indeed go there because of Pocha it would be a memory that drew her. It’s hard to say.

  4. REPLY
    Tammy says

    Let’s hope so, God bless 🐘🌺

  5. REPLY
    SHEILA says

    It is a very lovely area where dear💗🐘Pocha is laid to rest. I think I’m still grieving 😢this dear lady. So many years in prison, so little time with Guille happy in freedom. A very lovely mumma!!

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    Terry says

    I think elephants are like Shamans; deeply connected to the earth and the invisible spirit world. Pocha gives the gift of life to all the girls!

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    Lili says

    Opino como vos: su sabiduría ancestral los liga a la vida y el misterioso mundo espiritual que los humanos nunca llegaremos a entender. Pocha cumplió con su misión: llevó a su hija a la libertad y a la vida digna. Ahora descansa tranquila. Tuve el honor de conocer a ambas y tengo hermosas anécdotas de ellas.

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