Mara and the Ani

We’ve written before about the ani birds that follow the elephants, hoping to get some of the tasty insects that surround the girls. They often fly low to the ground, but they’ve been known to land on the elephants on occasion. Their relationship can be a symbiotic one: the elephants provide the food in the form of bugs, and the ani provide their services as pest removers. 

Here, you can see Mara searching for some of the hay that’s been left for the elephants in the habitat. She has a number of ani keeping pace with her, which she might once have been startled by. When Mara first arrived at sanctuary, she was actually quite frightened of the movement and proximity of the birds. She would attempt to run away from them but, of course, when the elephants move, the ani are in tow. Little did Mara know that the more she tried to avoid them, the more interested they’d be. It took a couple of days for her to get used to the ani being around. Now, as you can see, she’s much more interested in a bite of hay than where any birds might be.

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    Terry Silva says

    Gorgeous queen Mara with her Ani ladies-in-waiting 🙂

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