Maia’s Hat Action

MaiaCutie Miss Maia felt like getting in on the ‘hat’ action (practice for Ramba’s arrival) and is sporting her own personal grass tuft on her head.

Scott just called on the radio after being done with bringing the girls their dinner to ask where I fed them the other day (bucket retrieval). After telling him I asked if everything was ok- there was a lot of rain and they were trying to get some welding done on Pelusa’s crate so it can be ready to be painted, so I wanted to make sure everyone was good and not annoyed or frustrated. His response, “Everything’s great, the girls are beautiful.”

Some days it truly is that simple. Maia and Guida are happy, so the drama of the rest of the world fades away.


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    Kerry says

    Must help what we have left of these magnificent Iconic Majestic beasts.
    We are not worthy of these animals and certainly have no right to trade them. Again we take from our land or nature our world and sell on to others. These animals belong to everyone and no one person or country has any rights to sell on or rip from the wild to trade. If it were you you would be pissed. In anot too long time we will only ever look to books and documentaries to remember the elephant. We cannot allow our children to live without elephants walking this land. Precious being please

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