Maia, the Pond Blob, Part IV ?

While Rana and Lady have been busy watching each other through the fence, Maia has also been very busy…. busy being a pond blob.

On recent mornings, she is in the pond in Yard 5. Rana seems to gravitate more towards Yard 5 recently, which may be why the Pond in Yard 5 is becoming Maia’s favorite. Sometimes, we will find Maia in one pond in the morning, and when we check on her in the afternoon, she is in a different pond. It’s a very busy life for her here.

She’s been in a good mood and is always happy to see her humans or Rana, but her favorite pastime is stilly lying down in the ponds. It’s a good life.

February 20, 2020

Can’t get enough of Maia the Pond Blob?  Well, we have more! ?


  1. REPLY
    Renee' Killian-Zeiger says

    Just like a little kid who loves playing in the water…..sooooooo relaxing after a day at the pool/pond!

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    The BEST LIFE!!

  3. REPLY
    Cyrann says

    Maia is definitely a water baby!!!!
    I just love seeing her submerged and her little truck up in the air. Precious times❤️

  4. REPLY
    Madeleine Hackett says

    It’s heaven on Earth for your beautiful girls .so grateful that they can find joy finally

  5. REPLY
    Elke Riesterer says

    I am reading this with great joy❣️ What a good life !!! 🙂 This girls are bathing in the spirit of an as good as it gets elephantine paradise. ????

  6. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    It does my heart good to see a happy elephant. Blob on, Maia, we love seeing you enjoying your life. Oh, my, she looks so cute!!!!

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