Maia on the Move


Maia has been all over the habitat recently. We will see her close to Rana & Mara, and, then, a little bit later, she will pop up somewhere else entirely. Then, later that day, Maia will be back with Rana & Mara. She often seems to want to spend only a few minutes with them and then be on her way. A few hours later, we will see her along a fence with Lady, with the two just quietly watching each other. Sometimes she’ll go swimming twice in the same morning, with a visit to the other elephants in between.

She isn’t lazily settling into any location for the day, and she isn’t hanging out with anyone for any significant length of time (that we see). There are moments of socialization, eating, or relaxing, and then she is on the move again.

It’s impossible to definitively know the reason behind it. Maia may be trying to figure out her new role with Mara here. New herd members shift the dynamic and Maia seems to be searching a bit. The beginning of the dry season also causes a temporary change in her each year. This is the first warm week with no rain, and that may be all it is. Regardless of the reason, she doesn’t seem stressed and is certainly getting plenty of exercise.

Photo of Maia on the move – this time, she is exiting the Pond in Yard 4.

June 11, 2020


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    Wim Diepeveen says

    She seems to divide her precious time very wisely. Perhaps trying to connect and respect everyone. Be safe beautiful Maia. ???

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    Jillyp says

    Aw lovely Maia. I feel for her as she seems a bit unsettled since Mara arrived and with Rana now being so close to her. I think about her most days and that she must miss having Rana’s (full) attention. Perhaps she misses the time with her, just the two of them. Whatever the reason for her searching I’m sure she’ll settle soon ❤️

    The photo is fab, such gorgeous lighting, colours and textures. Just look at Maia, she is SUCH a beautiful elephant ??

    Huge huge thanks for everything you all do for these girls at Global and for allowing them this wonderful place to heal ?

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    Paula says

    Hermosa Maia ?
    Ella es la dama con mayor antigüedad en el santuario, ha visto la llegada y la partida de los demás. Quién sabe como procesará internamente todo esto?
    Pero seguramente ella tiene en claro que está en su hogar y se sentirá cómoda y segura en su territorio??
    Y por lo que vemos disfruta su día a pleno!?

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    Susan says

    I love Maia so much, and all of her personality ? I feel my heart twinge a little whenever I think of our Lovely Guida and I can’t help but think how much Maia must still miss her. I know Maia will continue to work through things as only she can. Sending lots of love and hugs to everyone there and thank you again for all that you do each and every day. ❤️?❤️?❤️

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      Patricia says

      That is exactly what I’ve been thinking. A version of the Prince song for Maia, “Nothing Compares 2 Guida”. I love her so much.

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    Barb says

    If I was a poet, I would write a poem entitled , “Maia on the Move”. Love those girls at ESB!

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    Rosie P says

    I suppose a new ellie on the block changes the routine of the others in some way. Rana now spends her time with Mara and Maia is trying to work out out for herself what she wants as a member of the herd. After Guida’s passing Maia wanted time to herself and it seems she is taking her time again occasionally seeking out short spells of company with her own kind.
    The beauty of this sanctuary, to allow these wonderful creatures their own space for healing and to make their own decisions in their own time. XXXXX

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