Maia Monkey vs The Palm Tree

Since we could all use a little levity after this week, we’re sharing a video of our Maia Monkey vs the palm tree. Both Maia and Guida serve as a constant reminder of why sanctuary is so important, but also even though we can’t save every elephant, together we can change the lives of some. And that still means something. A big something.

This video is from when Maia and Guida first went into their new space. The palm tree wasn’t more than 30 yards in, but Maia decided it looked delicious. For those that don’t already know, we talk about this very lightly because there are literally thousands of palms on the property, but also because thankfully she doesn’t do this with old growth trees. As you can hear in the video, Scott asks nicely with his one remaining banana, but Maia politely ignored him and went about her business.

As you can see, it takes Maia no time to knock down the palm tree. The roots are super shallow and small. A couple of pushes and it goes down. And she is a happy girl.

It’s all part of the autonomy of sanctuary.

June 13, 2018



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    John says

    Obviously this is an odd post, so I’m not sure if I’ll get an answer to my question. Do the girls still like to knock down trees?

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      Maia still does on occasion. we will be up at the house and you can hear her pushing on one (we know it’s her because of location) but maybe one every 4 months or so. and thankfully not big trees, although we would prefer none at all. 😅

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