Maia and Late Feed

Maia - Elephant Diary Oct 22For the first time since the girls have been settled in their new area, Maia didn’t care that we were out there for night feed last night. As we mentioned, if we happen to pass her by, she comes and gets us. She likes her evening snacks.

Last night it was raining and on the first go-around we found Guida, smiley and very dark in color because of the rain, but no Maia. We did the full circle, then back around to Guida to see if Maia was there, and still no. On our way back out we stopped by an area that has a lot of palms, shut off the four wheeler and listened. After about 20 seconds we heard a crack.

Driving into that area we saw Maia, happily munching on one of the shorter palms (it was still standing.) For us, this is a great sign. With the rains beginning to come regularly, things will be very green in a matter of weeks. Once this happens, we believe the girls will no longer be interested in what we are bringing them at late feed. Although we love seeing them, the goal is for them to be an independent as possible while still caring for them and catering to their captivity related issues.

After 40 years of having to depend on humans for everything, it’s nice that they can choose to do things on their own.

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