Maia Joins Rana, Mara, and Bambi For Dinner

Shirlei recently witnessed Maia standing near Rana during dinnertime, when Rana was with Bambi and Mara. As you likely know, Maia has been coming closer and closer to Mara, Bambi, and Rana, and everything has been relaxed. On this day, Maia actually felt comfortable enough to walk right up to and touch Rana, eventually even stealing the palm front Rana was eating. The scenario was all very calm and lighthearted. 

After about 10 minutes, Shirlei saw that Bambi and Rana had switched places, but neither Maia or Bambi walked away. In the past, when Bambi approaches, Maia’s instinct is to retreat. Maia may be intimidated by the protective nature Bambi has toward Mara. But Bambi’s continued explorations with Rana may be allowing her to gradually let down her guard a bit with Maia. Bambi still goes running when Mara calls, but Bambi’s increased self-confidence could be helping Maia ease into the group as a whole.

The photo shows Maia, Bambi, Mara, and Rana.


  1. REPLY
    Kenneth B. Newman says

    Its nice to see that MORE socialization is happening between each elephant. NOW, can Lady be convinced to join these four?
    Meantime, any news as to when Pocha and Guillermina might start their journey to GSE?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      We’re not going to put Lady in a position that she’s not comfortable with. She doesn’t need to be in the same yard as the other four in order for them to be friends.

      And Pocha and Guillermina are still in roughly the same status as the last blog about them explained. Permits can be slow going, particularly during the holidays.

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    Alejandra Enquin says

    Bravo Maia por tu acercamiento.Y Bambi como me conmueve tu amor por Mara,me enterneces mucho 😘🙏💌🐘!!!

  3. REPLY
    Barb says

    Warms my heart to see Maia making strides toward her sisters! Small steps as they say . . .

  4. REPLY
    Carol from Ladner, British Columbia, Canada says

    It’s wonderful to see changing dynamics, and the evolution of our gorgeous ladies as a family. Thank you so much for sharing their beautiful moments with us so that we can witness, and hopefully share with others, how Sanctuary is helping to heal these magnificent beings. The way that you all support and nurture our sweet ladies, allowing them live and love on their own terms and at their own pace, is just inspiring. Thank you, each and every one of you, there at ESB.

  5. REPLY
    Audrey says

    They all need to be with other elephants, this is a good start. ❤️

  6. REPLY
    Carey says

    Wonderful. love the pic!

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