Maia & Guida’s first night at sanctuary


We have yet to look at the videos or see any of the comments but we are thankful to Cassia who was able to use her notebook and go live on Facebook with video of the girls getting here (which you can see without belonging to Facebook.)

We are very thankful to all of you who were as excited as we were to see them come home. The girls are phenomenal. They were so good, both girls allowed us to take their chains off before they left the trailer, so they will never be chained again.

One of us has been sitting with the girls ever since and for the last bit both Scott and I have been sitting with them and they are just amazing. They are full of rumbles, happy ear flaps, some trunk pops, some Grandma wheezes- all wonderful vocalizations that can take elephants weeks or months to be comfortable enough or content enough to make. Truly we couldn’t be happier.

Both girls have already laid down for a nap. Guida has actually laid down twice- the first time she was playing and her dirt pile and after she got down it kind of seemed like she realized she was very tired and could use a nap. The photo is from the second time she laid down. That time it was with the intention of sleeping.

So all is well at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil and we would like to wish you a good night and thank you and we look forward to sharing so much of these wonderful ladies with you.

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