Maia crosses over the creek

Maia-Elephant Diary Oct 24The tracks from today’s earlier post belong to Miss Maia. She crossed over the creek for the first time and scoped out the other side. Since the rainy season just started, the creek is dry, but the temperatures in the creek bed are still much cooler and now she knows where it is. In no time the water will be flowing and it will offer a pristine, spring fed water source for drinking and bathing.

One night earlier, when we were having trouble finding Maia at late feed, we drove into that area and joked that now one of them would end up over there. It’s something we’ve seen happen in the past in TN. We would drive into areas the girls hadn’t been in for some time and the next day they would show up there.

Something that probably excites Maia about the area she just discovered: palm trees. The palm trees are dense in this area and we know how happy palm trees make Maia. Wait until she gets into the next expansion. There’s an entire field of them. Her own personal elephant heaven.

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