Maia and the Girls Figuring it All Out – Part 3 of the Saga

Here is the third installment in a three-part series about Maia, Mara, Rana, and Bambi. You can read parts one and two on the blog, if you want to start from the beginning.

After Scott spent some time with Maia, she finished eating and wandered off into the bushes.  A while later, we saw her near the pond in Yard 4. Unsurprisingly, she ended up in the pond.

By that point, Mara, Rana, and Bambi had found themselves at a mud wallow near the pond. While it’s close to the pond, it’s not within sight of it.  Rana was taking a standing nap under a shade tree near the mud wallow.

Mara and Bambi ended up getting super silly by rumbling, trumpeting, and having a party. They ran off into the bushes and thicket and circled around to the pond, on the opposite side of where Maia was still hanging out.  In response to their approach, she quickly stood and remained at the edge of the pond, covered in mud and soaking wet, watching their antics, curious, amused, and a little cautious.

Scott wasn’t sure how she was processing their behavior, so he brought her some hay to encourage her to stay in the area. Just as it’s good for Lady to stay and observe when she is uncertain, it’s also good for Maia to stay and watch, too. Around the time Maia got hay, Rana, with her dramatic gait, quickly approached her friends. It seemed she woke from her nap and wanted to see what everyone was so excited about.

Rana’s arrival took the party to the next level – not only did the trumpets and rumbles increase, but they started spinning and displaying other extremely playful behaviors. Maia stayed where she was, about 100-150 yards away, just watching and munching on her hay. She remained very calm and didn’t display any signs of nervousness or anxiety. Even though she isn’t typically so near during their parties, she has heard them many times over the past few months. This type of play isn’t at all uncommon to Maia; she has had her own out-of-control, silly parties many times before, particularly with sweet Guida, when was still with us, gracing the sanctuary with her glory and brilliance. On occasion, when Maia’s level of silliness was too intense, Guida would walk away and stand to the side, just as Maia did today.

Months ago, when Maia was first introduced to Mara, Mara would frequently become a little nervous or overwhelmed and physically take a few steps back. Meanwhile, Maia would hang out with Rana until Mara was ready to rejoin them. This experience has been a role-reversal for Maia – she was the “outsider” watching the exuberance and social interaction.  Sometimes, we all need a little breathing room and prefer to “elephant watch” from the other side of the room.

Eventually, everyone calmed down and wandered off. Things haven’t been quite so exciting in the few days since their initial introduction. We continue to separate them at night and give them daily opportunities to take the next steps. Of course, we are observing how things evolve and will continue to share their journeys with you as they unfold.

Photo of (left to right) Mara, Bambi, and Rana


  1. REPLY
    John says

    This is way better than Netflix!

  2. REPLY
    Susan says

    It sure is!!!! These girls rock!

  3. REPLY
    Bill says

    I can hardly wait until the next edition.

  4. REPLY
    Sunny says

    Excellent trilogy 🙂

  5. REPLY
    Kelejan says

    I love live commentaries. You explains things so well.

  6. REPLY
    Wim says

    This adventure is awesome and shows the brilliance of Elephants. Like to think of it as giant girl talk. Wonderful to read this thrilling jungle book. ??

  7. REPLY
    Tammy says

    So touching so well told Scott you are truly the Elephant Whisperer its like I’m actually there quietly watching this unfold with a huge smile on my face and tears of joy in my eyes, thank you so much love and hugs to all from Minnesota

  8. REPLY
    Beji says

    I’m just just so glad that I get to watch from the sidelines! Thanks for all you do!!

  9. REPLY
    Karen Alden says

    It must be so sweet to see and hear them being silly! This so uplifting to read about the girls during this terrible, horrible no good, very bad year!

  10. REPLY
    SHEILA says


  11. REPLY
    Charlotte Hansen says

    Thanks for this beautiful trilogy! Fans of the ladies are so enjoying your accounts of their unfolding lives!

  12. REPLY
    Patricia J Richardson says

    Thank you, Scott, for taking us so close to this social drama and awakening! So much hope for and evidence in love, caring and emotional growth in these ladies!!

  13. REPLY
    Katie Howard says

    Oh those girls! ? Ms Maia is definitely having a different experience with this trio! Oh my goodness – and two more, soon!
    Is Lady hanging around them at all, or has she confined herself to solitude, these days?

  14. REPLY
    Kenneth Newman says

    Once the 6-9 weeks of Guillermina and Pocha’s training? and quarantining gets done, can you imagine the reception these current 5 ladies will give their NEW residents upon arrival……Guillermina and Pocha might have to be quarantined in their own corral for a few days, just to give them some rest from their 5? day trip and slowly meeting their NEW friends……..and those NEW residents will bring out all sorts of rumbles, snorts, and trumpeting from their NEW friends…..especially when they discover a mother- daughter among them………

  15. REPLY
    Carey says

    One day I would love to see and hear the full party, it must be amazing to watch and hear. Super interesting behaviours from each of them, and a big step too.

  16. REPLY
    JoAnn Merriman Eaton says

    Love hearing about these girlfriend get togethers. How wonderful to think about their joy and happiness after their life as slaves in captivity. Perhaps Maia is remembering sweet Guida when she doesn’t join in..??

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