Maia and Mara’s First Touches

In the previous post, you saw Mara and Maia’s interaction from a distance. This video not only gives you a closer look but a chance to see their first touches. When watching, you can see that Maia actually takes a step back when both Mara and Rana noisily approach. For those that know Maia’s story, she has a big personality, but there is an underlying insecurity. She has grown a lot and has become more confident, but with new things, we see tiny glimmers of it still. Maia quickly got over her hesitation and went back to being her forward self
Several times, during this interaction, Maia did walk away. While she was interested, she was also not fully engaged. Nothing here is forced; we allow things to happen when the elephants show they are ready. Just as Lady has a choice of wanting to be with others or needing more time to get there, Mara and Maia’s relationship will evolve as they choose.

If you want to learn more about Maia and how she didn’t let her past control her future at the sanctuary, you can go to her page here.

May 19, 2020


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    Linda Lalonde says

    Mara is so noisy LOL. Those constant squeaks! Adorable, a real chatterbox. She is making up for all those years when there was no other elephant to talk to. Lovely to see the three of them getting acquainted!

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    Juan Camilo Echeverri says

    I’m glad you don’t have 24 hour tracking of the elephants, otherwise I’d be fired for not doing my day job.

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      EleComposer says


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      Rachel says

      Sooo true Juan! I can’t get enough of these videos. My soul longs for wonderful, loving stories – especially during these times. My heart becomes so full of joy watching all these interactions between these ladies. One day, when Lady is ready, I’ll be watching like this again, forgetting about what’s in the oven. Hugs to all!

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    Margaret says

    Rana is so funny! You can tell it’s her because she leans her trunk up over the fence, where it looks a lot like a person leaning their elbow up over a fence when they are talking. It is so sweet! Like a bunch of ladies all having a chat across a fence!

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    Lori Hoover says

    Awww, I can’t wait to find out how things are going today. The dynamic between all three of them was quite beautiful. I think Maia has grown so much herself. I imagine when she first came, the place seemed a lover’s retreat for her and Guida. All the changes, first Rana’s arrival, Guida’s loss, all the new arrivals, have lead to many changes and realizations in Maia, it seems. I do think something changed fundamentally with Rana and Maia when/after Ramba passed. The change and the growth might help them all merge into more of a group or herd, with differing relationships but all together as well.

    The introduction of Mara seems (another) brand new start of possibilities for all of them. I can’t imagine what lies ahead, for Lady and her continued growth in confidence and health (fingers crossed for those feet and their improvements), and the other elephants to come.

    I thought, even with Maia being maybe not all there, there in the moment yesterday…………that the three girls seemed great together. I look forward to seeing how it all goes. I can’t say enough how much these ladies renew my belief in so many things, including the basic good and beauty of the world. That same feeling goes for all the humans there as well that make it all possible.

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    Wim Diepeveen says

    What a wonderful reception to Maia. Just look at the warm eye contact and the happy tail display. So gorgeous how they comfort and caress with their trunk magic. Now it’s just a matter of time until LADY joins the Sisterhood.

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    Virpi says

    Thank you for sharing their journey and that of the GSE with us. It is really heartwarming to see the freedom of choice and joy that each of the girls shows in their own way. The work that GSE does is truly inspiring and is so needed. Thank you!

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    Sheila says

    Thanks for video of maias. Greeting with mara! Oh yes! I think if rana was not with mara! Maia would have raced to meet mara! Mara is certainly very vocalshe sounds so happy to all the ladies! Maybe mara met maia before also I hope these 3 ladies all get to be great together‼️ and then theres lady?. Im praying?? lady comes around and gets over her fear of her sisters and joins the herd! I feel so sad lil lady is so fearful of the ladies! But maybe she will overcome now as her feet improvewouldnt it be amazing if lady knows? mara❓

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    Carey says

    It was strange seeing Maia step back at the noislyreception, it just shows you.. This was another lovely video, with Rana and Mara walking off together… All islooking very good. I was also noticing through these videos how much healthier Maia’s Rana’s and Lay’s skin looked when comparing it with the new lady Mara.

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    Lila says

    I never know what to say, never a clever comment from me, but my heart is just as happy for this. Sooooo cool, so true, so wonderful to see. The only thing that always hurts me is that I cannot go there in person. Big hugs!

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    Rosie P says

    This is a great piece of filming! Credit where credit is due. I love the way viewers are able to” approach” the other girls from Maia’s direction. Mara squeaks are distinct….it’s glorious. I have to thank you for such a unique insight into their meetings, for allowing us to join you on this journey. It’s simply mind blowing and really tugs at the heart strings from all directions. Well done everyone for bringing these girls to this point. Their joy is plain to see what sanctuary can do.

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