Maia and Guille Get Silly

Near the end of the day, the caregivers heard a loud trumpet but weren’t sure exactly who was calling out. They went to check on the elephants and found Maia partially lying down and Guillermina halfway sitting on her. Clearly they were playing. In fact, Guille was scratching her bottom on Maia while Maia was lying down. 

This was a delightful thing to see because back when Guida was alive, Maia played with youthful abandon, which was sometimes too physical for Guida. At first, Maia had few boundaries about being silly and occasionally Guida would just stand perfectly still, not wanting to encourage Maia to go over the top with her antics. 

It was heartening to see that Maia was comfortable enough in her play with Guille that she lay down. Eventually, Maia got up and was being a funny girl – kicking and enjoying her time with Guille. We’d love to see Maia’s inner child come out again, and she seems to have that opportunity with Guillermina.


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    Tamarama says

    Oh I love how their level of trust has become so strong with one another! Those two are having such a ball it’s great fun to see! 💜🐘🙏🐘

  2. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    How wonderful and they’re so cute together!

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    Patricia says

    How adorable and sweet! How very smart they are. I love them so much! 💞💖💞💖💞

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    Maureen says

    That is just so wonderful to hear!!! It makes my heart so happy for Maia to be enjoying herself again and she won’t have to worry about being too rough with Guille. LOL 🙂 And it is so great to hear that Guille is bonding and playing with Maia and Bambi and finding her place in the herd! These girls are all just so darn special!

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    Pam Knaggs says

    Hope to see a video of these two silly girls!

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    Carmen Dalziel says

    I’m so happy the bonding has happened between Guille and Maia and also Guille with Bambi. Maia is finally comfortable and trusting of another ele and that miracle is bringing her inner child back and Guille gets to have the freedom to learn friendly discipline and experience the child she wasn’t able to be! Bambi has an inner child to her too but has learned to calm down so perhaps we will see more play times between these 3

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