Maia and Guille At the Mud Wallow

Though it’s technically considered winter here at the sanctuary, it’s actually the hottest part of the year for us. Hot days make for lazy, sleepy elephants who are napping, in search of shade, or hanging out by the mud wallow or pond. The cooler evenings allow them to explore more comfortably. 

In this video, Maia and Guille are sharing a mud wallow after breakfast. Guille seems to think that Maia has better mud on her side, because she’s reaching over to get what’s near Maia. Finally, she moves closer to her so that she can truly enjoy what her friend is having. For her part, Maia just hangs out, splashing herself with water and perhaps starting to feel a nap coming on.


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    Julie says

    Haha. Funny Guille. They surely are twinsies. This video is good for comparing. At least from this vantage point, it looks like Maia’s belly hangs a little lower than Guille’s, and Maia’s bank hump is closer to her head. Elephant identification is so fun!

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      Sara says

      Maia’s body sticks out on the sides. She’s almost diamond shaped.

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    Debbie Sides says

    They’re so cute together!

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    John says

    What an absolutely sweet video. I always love to see them around water or mud, and this really is the best of that! Thank you!

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    Lori Hoover says

    It’s amazing how intimate this looks. I am happy for both of them. I’m not sure I’ve seen Maia look that ‘close’ with someone since Guida. I saw that nap of Maia;s wanting to take hold, it was sweet of her to try to stay a bit present for young girl Guille, LOL And I’m impressed at how gentle Guille seemed.

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    Carey says

    That was hilarious and so very Guille, I loved the part where she edges found to Maia’s place and that rest just touching, a moment !

  6. REPLY
    Terry says

    I just think Guille likes to be close and comforted with mud, water, and Maia!

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    Wim says

    A typical Guille action. She’s still a bit the me first movement. Wonderful video. They must be celebrating the 10th year anniversary. 🥳🐘

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    SHEILA says

    Guillie is still has some selfish ways that muma Poacha allowed her to have. Invading Maias area of mud pond. I thought Guillie was going to push Maia with her head. Glad there was only LOVE. BOTHLADIES R BIG SWEETS❤️🐘🐘❤️

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