Maia and Guida’s One Year Anniversary

Maia and Guida

One year ago, as the sun began to set, after a few day road trip, Maia stepped off of the trailer and onto sanctuary grounds. Several hours later Guida joined her.

These two lost and untrusting souls began a journey that day that both embraced fully within the first few hours of their arrival. They knew everything in their life was going to be very different. Neither Maia or Guida ever shied away from the effort they had to put into their recovery and only a year later they are completely different elephants. Their hearts are open, their spirits are alive and they continue to grow.

With that in mind, we would like to say thank you to all of you who made it possible for them to come to sanctuary and embark on their second chance at living. Without you, their beautiful metamorphosis would never have happened. Thank you for helping to save them. With your help, we look forward to bringing this same healing to many other elephants to come.

Happy anniversary our lovely Maia and Guida. You couldn’t be any more perfectly imperfect. We love you.

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