Maia and Bambi Snack Together

While Maia and Bambi spend time together in a group setting, it’s not often that we see them standing apart from the rest of the elephants with just the two of them sharing space. While the other girls were still nearby, we caught a glimpse of this configuration, which was lovely to see. Not too long ago, Maia was unsure of her relationship with Bambi, although we were uncertain as to why. Maia continued to get more comfortable around the “Powerpuff Girls” and we would see her standing quietly with Bambi, undoubtedly having a conversation none of us were privy to. It didn’t take long before they both seemed to settle around each other, and they’re been fine ever since.

Here, Maia stands very still as she enjoys her breakfast, eventually taking a giant bite of hay. Bambi is snacking and at one point notices her caregiver so she heads that way, perhaps searching for an extra treat – even though she has a mouthful of hay. After their snack, the two elephants eventually joined the others and they all enjoyed the green grass for several hours.


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    Julie says

    I knew Bambi by her bi-directionally folded ears, her hairless head, and the prominent dents above her eyes! Yay! Happy these two have worked out their differences. Sanctuary does that!

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