Listen to Scott and Kat on Our Hen House Podcast!

This week, Scott and Kat are featured on the weekly Our Hen House podcast, which highlights a range of topics and people in the animal world – from movement leaders to artists to politicians, changemakers, and more. Hosted by Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan, it is a source of inspiration and information for those who care about animals of all kinds. 

The conversation is wide ranging and covers topics like what it’s like to build a sanctuary in South America, the benefits of protected contact management, and the importance of creating an appropriate relationship with elephants that focuses more on their healing than human wants. As always, both Scott and Kat are candid and the conversation is lively. 

The episode is available now wherever you get your podcasts or on their website. The conversation begins around the 12 minute mark. 


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    John says

    I loved the story you shared about the elephants reaction to Pocha’s death. I wish they could’ve let you talk about more of that.

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