Lady’s Satisfying Scratch

Several weeks ago, we shared a video of Lady at the “Itchy-Scratchy Tree,” having a great time. She recently stopped by the tree for another few moments, to scratch just the right spot. We giggled watching this video, because I think we all know that feeling of relief when you finally can scratch that one spot that’s been nagging you forever. She seems to have a little dusting celebration afterwards.


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    John says

    They are such amazing creatures. Wonderful video, thank you!

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    Katie Howard says

    Oh, my girl! 😁 that there – that is a Comfort Creature! So happy to see her happy 🤗
    She does seem stiff legged. Are her feet flaring up? ❤️

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      her left wrist is always a bit stiff, but sometimes the compensation makes her shoulder stiff. when it does, we medicate there as well. her feet are not in a great place right now. her right foot was worse, the area on that foot is mostly healed at this point, but now her left foot is flaring up. it always seems more difficult for her when they initially flare up, but she’s working through it. for the last few days you wouldn’t know anything was wrong and has impressed the caregivers with her speed. but she has her moments and we try to help her through them. unfortunately, decades of neglect are hard to work against.

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    JoAnn Merriman Eaton says

    LadyBug you beautiful, glorious girl. You make us happy just watching you!🐘♥️

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    Bonnie says

    Know that feeling she’s funny and a cutie

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    Charlotte Hansen says

    I so love this!!! Thank you for making my day! The bliss!

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    Andy says

    She seemed to have a clump of something white on the right side of her face close to her ear. Love the video. She’s quite lovely.

  7. REPLY
    Andrea Kerin says

    Thank you so much for your daily shares! I feel so privileged to watch these sweet girls!

  8. REPLY
    Julie says

    Oh happy girl! Nothing like a good scratch when you need it! Love you, Lady

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    Angie Gibson says

    I love seeing Ladybug enjoying herself at the itchy-scratchy tree—makes my heart happy❤️❤️ She is smiling bigtime 🥰 Adorable.

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    Suzanne Eaton says

    Our sweet Lady Bug having a good scratch. I could feel the pain she feels in her front feet. I love her to pieces.

  11. REPLY
    Beji says

    Ok, a little to the left.oh yeah, now a little lower, lower…ahhh

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