Lady’s Request


Lady was content to stay near the barn (and all the other elephants) during the fire. The day after the fire, Lady was ready to leave the smaller yards by the barn. She is an elephant who is clear in her desires, and when she is interested in going into Yard 4, she generally stands in a specific area near the gate and gives us a specific look to let us know. Saturday night, she pointedly stood in that spot, and we understood what she was asking. Even though the fire was extinguished there and everything in the immediate area was already burned, we still weren’t comfortable letting her into Yard 4 just yet. We wanted to give it a little more time to make sure everything was safe.

In the time that Lady has been here, we usually listen to her requests. She seemed a little confused when we ignored her signal. The next morning, Lady went back to the same location. It felt like she was saying, “Do you see me now?” As it had been a little longer, we let her into Yard 4, assuming she was ready to explore and maybe take a swim in the pond.

Surprisingly, she didn’t go that far and stayed fairly close. We don’t know her reasoning– she may have still been feeling a little unsure after the fires or just wanted to hang out in the bushes. Most of the first day, she was in one of her favorite areas with lots of bushes/saplings. She spent about two days alternating between that part of Yard 4 and the woods behind the large pequi tree before heading back to the barn. She didn’t seem unsettled or wary; to the contrary, she seemed happy and spunky.

Since we assumed Lady was going to the pond, we left some hay and late-night goodies near there. Once Lady returned to the barn, we switched and gave Maia access to Yard 4. Later that evening, Kat & Scott returned to the house and remembered all of Lady’s untouched food piles. While we weren’t there to observe, we imagine Maia was quite excited to find all of the hidden treasures. And of course, by the next morning, they were all gone.

Photo of Lady.

October 16, 2020


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    Wim says

    One of the most complex issues in the world is and always will be what’s on a lady’s mind. Sincerely hope the fire didn’t stress her inner self too much. Nice to have Maia cleaning up all leftovers. All together things are rather hopefully despite the terrible wildfires.?

  2. REPLY
    Bob Gorzynski says

    Hi guys,

    I can’t tell you what a joy it is reading your posts – and knowing you are all OK after the fire – thanks so much for all you do and many blessings and much love from Scotland

  3. REPLY
    Sunny says

    That lovely Lady <3

  4. REPLY
    Barb Campbell says

    I adore Lady ?? she is so precious and I love the daily stories we all get??? I look forward to them every single day.

  5. REPLY
    Tammy says

    I think the girls knew what was going on but gotta be careful of their feet possibly being burned from hidden smoldering spots? Lady had to check things out for herself with apprehension she explored somewhat and that was good enough for now. Of course each day brings more desire to see more and more of their expanded home which as Kat stated will thankfully grow back quickly and even better than before! Hope the Sanctuary received enough donations to replace what was lost in the fire we know how important it is to help you help the girls so with much love and appreciation in our hearts thank you God Bless ??????

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    Julie says

    Thank you for the Lady update and the cute pic! I’m glad to hear Lady expects to have her needs met these days and that she seemed to take it reasonably well when she didn’t. As always thank you for what you do.

  7. REPLY
    Alice says

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the daily posts. I do so look forward to them. It is wonderful that you are so keen and sensitive to the individual needs of each of the elephants. I continue to be amazed at your work and am so grateful. Your resilience and positive thinking through the fire situation is so admirable. Thank you for keeping us informed on how the girls, as well as everyone else, is doing. I am located in Tennessee.

  8. REPLY
    Barb says

    I definitely agree with the other posts about how important and precious it is to receive updates from ESB. The Lady story was particularly touching. I think we all hope that Lady will be happy especially since she is a bit of a loner. We love all the girls of course. We just “pull” a little extra for Lady ?❤️?

  9. REPLY
    Patricia says

    Lady, I send you more smoochies than there are stars in the sky.

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    Nishant Bhajaria says


  11. REPLY
    Bo says

    … and to think that there are people who still try to convince people that animals don’t have a personality of their own…
    A mammal versus a snail might not really be a fair contest, ok, I might agree on that but they will never be able to convince me that animals don’t have a personality.
    Most know exactly what they want or don’t want.

    What’s the elephant way at the sanctuary, Lady?
    “The elephant wish is the human’s command.”
    You tell them, Lady! You go girl!

  12. REPLY
    Sallie says

    Dear Sweet Lady, You have such great sense of Time & Place . . . Nothing ever gets past you! But you hold yourself together, and show your patience because you know you are loved and protected . . . I would LOVE to know what you are thinking!

  13. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    We all adore Lady, our complex thinker, (what is she thinking?) happy with having choices that she can make for herself. I am so thankful that she has found her forever home at ESB, for the compassion and empathy and loving care you show her. For all those precious ones in your care…that includes all who live and walk on that piece of Heaven that is ESB…….thank you is never enough!

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    SHEILA says


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    maria villa says

    The Post states, ” we usually listen to Lady’s requests,” I audibly chuckled when I read these words, as the vivid memory of how Kat’s face beams, looks illuminated , as each one steps out of the transport carrier the first time, she is always there, u can see her face, it is the face of a Mother looking at her first-born child, absolutely in deep Love and everyone knows it! I know that there never has been a more Noble Elephant Mother in all places of time & space than Kat. So, that is why I chuckled, as I know that each Guardian absolutely “listens” to Lady and would move Mountains If they thought it would make her happy!

  16. REPLY

    Beautiful Ms Lady bug! So glad that she’s around hoomans who, for the most part “speak” Ellie. I can picture her standing there, waiting patiently @ the gate to get back to “normal”. ❤?❤?❤?❤?

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