Lady’s Relaxed Foot Trimming

We’ve been getting some nice, gentle vibes from Miss Lady over the past week or so. Her caregivers have been working on trimming her feet almost daily. There are times when she doesn’t want to have that type of footwork done and, if that’s the case, she’s normally so good about having it done that it’s okay if she needs a break every once in a while. And we know it can cause discomfort, because of the condition of her feet, so we allow her to dictate how the process goes.

Recently, the work we’ve been doing is slightly more intensive than normal. It involves trimming her pads in a more advanced manner. Sometimes, when we do this type of trimming, Lady might want a day off to let her feet rest. When you trim their pads it often shifts where the pressure rests, so it can cause any elephant with bad feet to want a moment to adjust. But this week she’s been absolutely exceptional, letting us do three days of treatment in a row. She has been enjoying time in the smaller yards, taking all the time she needs to herself.


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    Sue says

    Lady continues to inspire. I have days when it might be a little hard getting up, but then I think of how brave and determined she is. What an amazing girl Ladybug is!!!!! Love and higs ❤️🐘❤️

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    Alejandra Enquin says

    Que Amorosa que es Lady como descansa su patita alivianando su pie.Es admirable el autoconocimiento de Ladybug sobre su cuerpo y sus limites frente a sus dolencias y ella es muy colaborativa lo que demuestra la congianza inmensa que profesa a sus cuidadores🙌🐘💛💕🍀❤️🌞

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    Sheila says

    Aahh Sweet dear ❤️🐘Mz Lady. Ur being a LADY ROCKSTAR!! SO GREAT U REALIZE THE CARERS DOING UR FEET SURE LOVE ❤️ YOU. Please keep up the great schedule my dear. Ur feet may give u relief more and more@ and alot if treats may show up too🍉🍎🍐🥒🥬🥦🍓🍌🌽

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    Carey says

    Unbelievably stoic. Again her transformation since she’s been with you is something incredible. You’ve worked miracles for Ms Lady. Her trust is very special isn’t it?

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      Sara says

      It certainly is.

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    Pamela hall says

    Lady, my sweet Lady! Enjoy your pedi.

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    Maureen says

    News about Lady always makes me smile!! She does things her own way and in her own time and that is just as it should be!! I believe she knows by now that the work you do on her feet helps her in the long run, so if she is not too uncomfortable (or doesn’t have a special extra green pasture to get to on time), she will give you the extra time you need. Besides, it also means extra treats and time to socialize with her caregivers! Sweet, Sweet Ladybug!!

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    Terry says

    I simply love Lady!

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    Gayle Janzen says

    Aw, Lady, you’re such a good girl! You are very lucky to have such kind, caring humans taking such good care of your tootsies. You are a very good patient. Love you, sweetie! ❤️

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    Tammy says

    Lady is such a sweetheart and so darn adorable glad she’s had a relaxed calming week. Is it just me or has this calming feeling thats washed over the girls lately been a trend I hope?

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