Lady’s Recent Routine

As we’ve mentioned before, the state of Lady’s feet seems to ebb and flow; she has good moments, and times where her feet are not in the best shape they can be. She has been going through one of her downward periods lately. As a result, sometimes she can be more deliberate when walking and may stay closer to the barn for longer periods of time. She still spends time in Yard 5 every day, but doesn’t always go as far – though she did recently cross the creek for a day to check on the grass on that side; she came back relatively quickly, so it seems she was disappointed. Lady is also swimming almost every day in the pond, which she always seems to find joy in. 

Her mood is still silly and light, for the most part. We have started doing foot trimming on her again and she may occasionally have one foot that seems a little sensitive during treatment, which we are always mindful of. Working with Lady’s feet is very methodical and more technical than footwork that’s required by the other elephants. We are always trying to find ways to take pressure off of certain areas and we take care to move as slowly as necessary. 

Through it all, Lady is always a pro. She’s been nice and rumbly when Mateus has been treating  her feet and her appetite is good. Perhaps one of the best things about Lady is her self awareness. She knows she can stay close to the barn if she’s not having a good day, or she can decide to head farther out into the larger yard if she’s feeling more like an explorer – or she can do anything in between. She decides where she wants to go and when, in typical and perfect Lady fashion. 

Photo of Lady in a favorite spot for grazing


  1. REPLY
    Pam says

    It’s upsetting to think of Lady — or any of the girls — being in pain. But what a blessing that she is in such good care at Sanctuary. You guys are the best.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      She seems to be more in discomfort and not so much in pain. But she bears it all well.

  2. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    Bless her. I’m so happy she lives there and has all her needs taken care of💚

  3. REPLY
    Tracy H says

    Love me some Ladybug!!!

  4. REPLY
    Alejandra Enquin says

    Lady es perfecta por su autoconocimiento🙌💖🐘 sus patitas le dicen cuando explorar, chapotear en el agua o quedarse mas tranquila.Ella es libre y sabia , una elefanta admirable y siempre dulce, miren sino esa carita😘🐘💘

  5. REPLY
    Barb says

    Lady girl, so many of your friends, including me, think of you so often and your precious feet. Thank goodness you have so many that love and want to help you at ESB.

  6. REPLY
    Polly says

    Lovely write-ups. The details and the description create a vivid picture of each elephant and their unique personality. I look forward to reading the posting every day!

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Thank you!

  7. REPLY
    Andy says

    Love hearing about Lady who is such a gem.

  8. REPLY
    Patricia says

    I love her so much and send healing prayers for Lady always.

  9. REPLY
    John says

    Lady is a spunky girl!

  10. REPLY
    Wim says

    Wishing for more pleasant periods for The Lady of the sanctuary.

  11. REPLY
    Carey says

    It’s almost unimaginable that the zoo she was in after being removed from the circus tried to keep her knowing full well that her feet were bad. Even if they didn’t know the exact prognosis, her feet were so visibly bad, and she walks as if they affect her. Have to admit to being worried about how much longer she will be with us. But I’m also staying optimistic as dear Lady is. She’s happier than she’s ever been, this is valuable for her, and it’s soothing to hear, enough about me!

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