Female Asian Elephant



Estimated at 49 years old (no official records).

Forever Home

Elephant Sanctuary Brazil


Little Bug, Lady Bug


Insecure but spunky and loves to explore. Slowly building up trust in humans and elephants.


Ex-circus elephant for approximately 40 years, confiscated and sent to live at a zoo for six years.


Feet in terrible condition.

Body Condition

Decent body weight, no core strength, some grandma belly.


Escaped her enclosure at the zoo only to walk 10 feet to eat grass.

Her Story From Circus and Zoo...


In 2013 she was confiscated from the circus and relocated to a small zoo in João Pessoa, Brazil. The zoo did not have a developed elephant enclosure, so she was put in a “temporary” yard, surrounded by hotwire, while her permanent enclosure was being built. Her circus owner transitioned to the zoo to be one of her keepers. According to officials related to the zoo, her foot disease was already evident at that time.

In January, almost a year later, it was discovered that Lady was still being held in this tiny temporary yard, which brought activist, media, and political attention to the situation. One of our board members went up to visit with Lady, her veterinarians and the Secretary of Environment to see what could be done to help her. Lady is frustrated and acts out in an attempt to vent this. She is on a chain and kept in a yard that is so small she can only take a few steps. Her health is compromised due to lack of foot care, and her foot issues have developed to a point that she will need lifelong in-depth care of her feet; not only are they painful, but she is most likely suffering from osteomyelitis.

In July of 2014 Lady was moved into a new space at the zoo. With this move, those involved in her possible relocation to sanctuary went back on their initial statement and stated that she was to remain at the zoo.  It was noted at that time that her feet continued to be a significant issue and may, as is the case for many captive elephants, be the cause of her death if her situation didn’t change and she was not relocated to an appropriate facility- one that can offer her space and much-needed foot and medical care.


We visited the zoo several years ago, offering a home to Lady, but the zoo decided against it. This year (2019) Animal Protection Associations filed a Public Civil Action against the City Hall of João Pessoa and IBAMA (Brazil’s agricultural agency) seeking, among other requests, the transfer of Lady to a more suitable location. The reasoning stated was that Lady is in dire need of highly specialized care, a habitat more conducive to her species and development, and the companionship of others of her kind. After a lengthy legal battle, Elephant Sanctuary Brazil joined the process, and through many conversations, everyone involved had decided that the best place for Lady was Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, and a judicial agreement was signed.  Visit Lady’s Rescue Page here →


Lady is an adorable, fuzzy, 50-year old elephant that immediately brings a warm smile to your face. But then you look at her feet, and your heart sinks. Of the dozens of captive elephants we have known, her feet are in the top three worst. Lady is suffering from years of debilitating foot disease that needs immediate and intensive care. We will be bringing her home to sanctuary very soon where we can begin to earn her trust and help heal her body.  The expense and time put into her recovery will be significant, but Lady deserves a chance at healing and happiness. At this point, her condition is so far progressed that we do not expect her feet to ever fully recover. Our goal will to improve their condition and make her much more comfortable, along with the emotional healing sanctuary and other elephants bring. Sanctuary!

Ways to Support Lady

Medical Support

Please give her the gift of healing

Lady will soon be able to embrace all of the emotional healing that sanctuary has to offer, but her road to physical healing will be long. Due to the advanced deterioration of her feet, Lady may require daily, life-long foot care. She can still enjoy sanctuary, but we need your help to make her stay as comfortable as possible.

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We understand our supporters find a special place in their heart for certain elephants. If you have followed Lady’s wait for sanctuary and are looking forward to seeing her new life, you can show her some extra love and support. You can become her Ele-Guardian.