Lady Uses the Male Barn

Now that Lady has been spending time in the two completed male Asian elephant yards, she’s been able to take advantage of the new barn in that habitat as well. And so, this week she was the first elephant to cross the threshold and make use of the treatment chutes in the male space. Lady is our most petite elephant, so she looked particularly small next to the much higher fences that are required for the males; everything must be taller and more reinforced in the male habitat for the safety of everyone.

She was a bit tentative entering the chute, but with her current level of discomfort, it makes sense for her to step gingerly into a new space. Her mood seems to be swinging from tired to spunky to extra cheeky; extra cheeky (which Scott calls “cheeky serious”) usually means that she’s going to test Scott during treatments in her Lady way. Some days she makes it harder for him to get footwork done because she’s feeling extra sassy. But the two of them were able to get through some of the more basic things that Lady is able to do right now. She can’t fully present her feet due to her joint immobility. Overall, the first use of the male barn was an exciting success. No doubt, Lady will be taking advantage of the treatment space as she continues to spend time in the male yards.

Photo of Lady in the male Asian barn


  1. REPLY
    Pam says

    What happens to Lady when the first male elephant arrives? Will she be depressed when she can no longer access the male habitat?

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      She will still have the other yards which she loves and enjoys wandering. We think she’ll be just fine.

  2. REPLY
    Terry Silva says

    Cutievpie Lady

  3. REPLY
    Johnny says

    I just love how these posts describe the different personalities of the girls. They are fascinating creatures.

  4. REPLY
    Linda says

    Now that the male asian yards are finished does that mean we might look forward to a new addition in 2024? 🙂

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      That’s completely out of our hands at the moment. Once Tamy is trained by the Mendoza staff, we can move forward with his permitting.

  5. REPLY
    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    LadyBug if I could wave a magic wand, to make your discomfort go away I would do it! Being able to explore new places surely is good to take your mind off the pain you live with. Now LadyBug, you behave and don’t be serious cheeky with Scott during your foot treatments!!! ❤️🐘😍

  6. REPLY
    Jillyp says

    I love hearing about Lady and I’m glad she’s getting to enjoy the new habitat for a while. It’s wonderful to think of Tamy being there and seeing Guille again 💜

  7. REPLY
    Barb says

    I think many of us hold a special place in our hearts for Lady. We all are hopeful that she will have more comfortable days with her treatments.

  8. REPLY
    Melinda says

    Is the white on her front legs a treatment? I so hope she’s not in pain!

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      Yes – it is a medicinal paste that we use to help with swelling. She’s experiencing discomfort at this point, but it changes from day to day and from morning to evening sometimes.

  9. REPLY
    Nancy Shaw says

    You know, Everything belongs to Lady !! Those MALES are out of Luck ! ( : ( ;

  10. REPLY
    Terry says

    Lady is just such a Rock star! If she ever played an instrument, it would be a mandolin or a harmonica!!! Lol. Resonating right to your soul…

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