Lady Enjoys the Pond

As you know, Lady has been enjoying the male Asian yard from time to time, and she’s back in that spot again today. She’s been grazing a lot and snacking on the palms that are plentiful there. At dinnertime, she was at the pond, shown here in this video. Where she’s standing is the spot where the pristine well water pumps into the pond; it is a favorite place of hers to drink from, because the water is cool and lovely, and it is above the dirt. 

But, you can see that eventually she decided she wanted to play instead of drink. She slaps the water in her signature way, stirring up the water and dirt to make the quality of mud that she most prefers. She had a splash for perhaps an hour before settling down for the night. 

If you look behind Lady at the topography of the pond you can see there’s a little ledge that allows her to step down from the land onto the dirt. That area around the pond has really soft dirt that’s nice for her feet. Often, before she goes into the pond, you will see her playing there. It seems that no matter where Lady is at the sanctuary, she finds ways to make herself as comfortable and content as possible. 


  1. REPLY
    Carol says

    She really knows how to live and luxuriate, that precious Lady of ours…

  2. REPLY
    Zoi says

    I’m so happy to see Lady enjoying that paradise, but also I think that will be heaven for Tammy. I look forward to seeing him in the sanctuary.

  3. REPLY
    Mark Skipsey says

    Wonderful to see her continue to prosper both physically and mentally. I’m really looking forward to Wednesday and celebrating her 4 year rescueversary! ❤️

  4. REPLY
    Suzanne Eaton says

    Lady, sweet Lady, you fill my heart with gladness seeing you content and fulfilled in your own happy place. Many thanks to GSE for allowing that. ❤️🐘

  5. REPLY
    Julie says

    Oh lovely, lovely, happy girl in a lovely, lovely sanctuary! ❤️😊❤️😊

  6. REPLY
    Charlotte Hansen says

    This makes us ALL feel good–Lady living the good life!!!

  7. REPLY
    John says

    “You certainly have a lovely place here”, says Lady.

  8. REPLY
    Terry says

    While I watch her, I say to myself, ” I wonder what she is thinking”?

  9. REPLY
    Kenneth B. Newman says

    Its time for the Male Asian Elephant Yard to actually have males in it…

  10. REPLY
    Terry says

    When I look at her enjoying herself, I say, ” I wonder what she is thinking”?

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