Lady Almost Meets Ramba

This is a video I mentioned in another post where Lady approaches Ramba. Although Lady isn’t ready for an elephant friend, it doesn’t mean she’s not interested. Ramba was in the treatment chute getting a bath. For those that don’t know, her skin was very bad when she arrived and she had infected in-grown hairs, so she gets a bath every other day to do a skin check and to give her a soothing, healing, body spray.

While Ramba was eating and waiting to dry a bit before her spray, Lady decided to come and check her out. Ramba is enjoying her hay and not overly interested in the new elephant coming her way. We did throw Lady some treats during this ‘meeting’ because Ramba had hay and treats and we didn’t want to create a food-stealing situation.

As you can see, Lady comes up from the yard and takes her time getting closer and closer. When she is close enough to reach out and touch Ramba, she decides it’s close enough and leaves. She does stop part of the way down the yard and turns around to see her again. Although this often isn’t the introduction people dream of, Lady really is doing quite well. She just needs some time and we are more than happy to give her that.

December 6, 2019




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