Know Your Elephants: Identifying Bambi

This Saturday on “Know Your Elephants,” we are focusing Bambi. She has some delightfully charming features that can help you pick her out of almost any photo. Here are a few of the things we look for.


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    John says

    I became aware of and started following GSE when you were working to get Bambi out of the zoo, so I’m a little partial to her. Seeing her transformation has been a revelation. Thank you for all you do!

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      Kat Blais says

      we are thrilled that so many of her physical issues that caused concern were all resolved by an appropriate habitat and diet. she is a different elephant for sure.

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    Tammy says

    Wow, never noticed these things before now it’s much easier to identify this adorable lil lady so thank you for helping us out! 💞

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    Jen says

    I’m with John re: finding you guys while in the midst of rescuing Bambi. I was awestruck and captivated from the first. She is an amazing testament to overcoming the unjust conditions of confinement, mistreatment/neglect, and self protective fear. She is an inspiration for all! Her swift adaption to the natural world, and over enthusiastic giddiness with her new scene and sisters just brings so much joy to my heart! …Plus an esoteric ponder about forgiveness. Thank you again for all the care and communication to the eles and to your supporters of GSE.

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    Julie says

    I hope I’m not mistaken. I’m missing only Lady’s identifying features. I guess I could work from process of elimination, but that wouldn’t be as fun!

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    Beji says

    It’s OK, Bambi. I also have noticeable bags under my eyes. One word…concealer!! You are a beauty!

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      Kat Blais says


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