Keeping an Eye on New Caregivers

Elephant Sanctuary Brazil is currently in the process of interviewing for new elephant caregivers. This way, when the African elephants arrive and we have an additional barn running, we will have plenty of staff on board to care for the girls (and eventual boy). There is still no date for the arrival of Kenya, Pupy, and Kuky, but it is important that we have people being trained to properly care for them before they arrive.

The candidates observe the care routine of the elephants at a distance, and we find it interesting to watch their responses to new people; some intangible things about how human beings act around them tend to be a good measurement of whether a person would be particularly appropriate for the job. Lady is an easy elephant to gauge new people’s potential. She seems to be more at ease these days, likely because she knows she will always be protected. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s totally comfortable around strangers, but she’s comfortable with the knowledge that new people will only watch her from afar, without directly interacting with her. For this reason, she doesn’t always have a knee-jerk reaction to individuals she doesn’t know. But her body language lets us see where on her scale of comfort they fall.

Elephants tend to be wise in judgments of character, (we watch our dogs’ reactions as well) so these moments – which are just one part of the extensive interview process – give us an idea of the readiness of a person to learn the nuances of elephant care. 

Photo of Rana and Mara keeping an eye on things


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    Pam says

    Elephants are such amazing beings, and this ability to judge character is just one of the ways they demonstrate that truth … it’s incredible that humans have held them captive and in servitude for so long, as if they were less than us in some way.

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    Julie says

    Interesting post. It validates the knowledge that the girls are in good hands. I know there is no date, but it is lovely just to hear any potential plans for more elephant rescues. I have my pocketbook ready when there is a need!

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    Tammy says

    It’s amazing how animals have that special unique instinct humans dont. We’ve had dogs our whole lives we’ve always respected and trusted their reactions to new people we’ve been around and they’ve always been spot on! This is great news the Sanctuary is expanding something we’ve all been waiting for! I trust the girls will choose the perfect caregivers for them after all look at the wonderful job they each did when they chose you! 💞

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    Deb says

    Oh how I wish I was young again…. I would LOVE that job!
    Truly LOVE that job.

  5. REPLY
    Wim says

    Good luck with screening.

  6. REPLY
    Alice says

    The girls are actually doing the interviewing, which is as it should be!! 🙂

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    Carmen Dalziel says

    Makes my heart sings cuz this shows me we are one step closer to an elephant(s) rescue transfer!

  8. REPLY
    John says

    I love the photo of Rana and Mara “keeping an eye on things”. Oh, I bet they are. I bet they notice every thing! Such wisdom in those eyes.

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