It’s a Trumpet Party!

Volume ON! There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned party and that’s what Scott has on his hands here. Guillermina clearly had lots of excitement to express and had no problem letting it all out. Pocha joins in with some of her squeaks, and soon Bambi starts to rumble in response to both of them. Mara and Rana also make an appearance, though Mara seems a little too sleepy to join the three vocal girls. Rana is being lovely Rana, of course.

Bambi is displaying that she likes how noisy Pocha and Guille get. In this moment, Bambi’s kid-like excitement is showing through. She can be a silly girl, but she adapted to take on a calmer personality when Mara grew tired of her big energy. That energy still peeks through sometimes – in moments like these – but she seems satisfied keeping her more easygoing nature when she’s around Mara. These days, Bambi is maintaining a calmer personality in general; partly it seems to be a way to make sure that Guillermina understands boundaries. Bambi’s excitement here may be a window into her wish to have a playful and engaging friend. It will be interesting to see how her relationship with Pocha and Guillermina could potentially shift over time, once Guille learns to settle down within the group. 

P.S.: You may notice that Scott wipes some white foam out of Bambi’s eye at one point in the video. This is a secretion that elephants form in their eyes on windy and cooler days as a way to protect themselves from dust that may be floating around. It is completely normal.


  1. REPLY
    Katherine says

    Brilliant – love all the noises these talkative girls make!

  2. REPLY
    Pam says

    It’s impossible not to smile when listening to this joyful chorus! Thanks for sharing these special moments, Scott and Sara.

  3. REPLY
    Susan says

    Wow! One of the best videos ever, in my opinion 🥰🥰🥰. Incredibly beautiful seeing the Girls up close and personal and hearing Scott having one of his chats with them! Thank you for sharing!!! ❤️🐘❤️

  4. REPLY
    Lynne Russert says

    I love listening to their conversations!!!

  5. REPLY
    Carey says

    Amazing! 🥰

  6. REPLY
    Carey says

    Glorious! 🥰💚

  7. REPLY
    Wim says

    Great video so much beauty to see and hear.

  8. REPLY
    Julie says

    It’s amazing how much you all know about these girls. Only a loving heart could form the necessary motivation to learn it all!

  9. REPLY
    Terry says


  10. REPLY
    Nicole says

    Prachtige geluiden en beelden van deze schoonheden 💕💕💕💕

  11. REPLY
    John says

    WOW! When there’s the close-up with Mara, it’s like looking into the eyes of God.

  12. REPLY
    Deb says

    It’s clear to me how much these ladies LOVE & ADORE you!
    I’m thinking they would like more contact & attention from ya’ll💖
    I wish they had lots more opportunity to get human affection.🐘💝

  13. REPLY
    John says

    Amazing. Scott must feel blessed to be in the position he is and witness what has transpired there. Obviously, he and all the others have put in a tremendous amount of work to make it happen. I can’t even imagine how hard they work. Moments like that have to give him and all of them a tremendous amount of satisfaction for what they are doing. I feel blessed to be able to watch something like this, knowing the history of each of these girls.

  14. REPLY
    Alana says

    I could feel the joy!

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