It Sounded Like An Elephant Noise, But…


This story begins like all good stories – with the announcement, everybody is okay. ?

Kat & Scott live on sanctuary grounds at an overlook. With the location of their house and the way that sound travels out of the valleys, they can hear many sounds in the habitat. This was intentional, and it allows them to loosely “keep an ear” on the girls all night.

They were cooking dinner at about 9 pm when they heard a weird blowing noise. It sounded like an elephant noise, but it wasn’t a familiar noise. Kat & Scott immediately turned off their dinner and stepped onto the porch, listening intently. They heard it again.

Once outside, they could tell it was the sound of an elephant blowing out of their trunk, but it seemed different somehow. Blowing out of their noses is a normal noise, but something about it didn’t quite sound normal for any of the girls, and it was louder than it should’ve been. They heard it for the third time and realized that the only thing to do was to go check it out (the alternative was to keep worrying until they went to check it out ?).

As a reminder, it was 9 pm, which is not a time that the girls usually hear a 4wheeler in the habitat, much less get a surprise visit from both Kat and Scott. The first elephant they found was Maia, who was in the middle of 5. Maia was SO SO SO SO HAPPY to have a surprise visit. She thought it was the best thing ever. She was very wide-eyed and welcoming, and just, really thought it was terrific that her humans wanted to come to say, “Hi” at night randomly.

The next elephant they found was Lady. We usually check on Lady at night, as she is still new and had some nighttime insecurities from her time at the zoo (we will eventually phase that out). However, we were about an hour and a half before the time we typically check-in. When we do check on Lady at night, she has always been fully dry, sometimes napping (she does not get up). Well, at 9pm, she was wet – completely soaking wet, from head to toe, with a cute smile on her face. Just like Maia, she was pretty excited by this unexpected visit and so very innocent looking about her wetness. Rana was by herself in 4 and also was pretty happy to see her humans and very cute about it.

So, everyone was totally fine, safe, happy, and healthy. We never figured out who made the noise or why they made it. One of the girls may have run across a nocturnal animal and been surprised, or maybe someone unexpectedly got dirt up their nose & was trying to blow it out. We will never know.

It was nice to see everyone so excited and silly about a late-night “bonus” visit. Our only hope is that whoever made the noise won’t piece it together, and realize that they learned a way to “call” their humans.

Picture is a silly daytime Maia (who had just finished a swim and is shockingly clean. Don’t worry, it didn’t last.)


February 15, 2020


Read More About the Girls on Their Pages:



  1. REPLY
    Muriel Servaege says

    Nice story about all the elephants being so happy to see you so late at night!

  2. REPLY
    Carmen Lucia Souza says

    I read this post as if it were a suspense story! In the end, what a relief !!!

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says


    • REPLY
      Sarah Bedford says

      So did I !???

  3. REPLY
    Gramma Tammy says

    Thats so wonderful knowing how excited the girls were to see you two at night like that, shows how much they already love you and think of you two as part of their family just like the rest of us do, happy saturday everyone!

  4. REPLY
    sheila says

    oh those girls!! im sure ur trunk blower was ❤️?lady!!! my goodness i dont think you have ever reported that lady has trumpeted or any noise since she arrived like 3mo, lady never says hi to maia ?and ?rana!!she just looks toward them observes then or walks off swiftly as she can‼️ perhaps she was very very happy having a midnight dip …….she fond her voice,,although kinda “rusty”. lady could have been letting you all know.❓. well my thoughts only. i sure hope she starts to vocalize to other girls

  5. REPLY
    Kelejan says

    I also wonder i it is Lady and now will wake you up whenever she feels like it. Or whomever called, they may be the one to call again.

  6. REPLY
    Carol says

    Love love love it! I was waiting with bated breath for the outcome. Sounds like there was a lot of preciousness going on…??????

  7. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    Oh, what a wonderful story! I was right there with you holding my breath, LOL! Looks as though our Lady Bug is getting in the pond!!!!!!!! I wonder if it excited her so much that she sounded out?
    Hope Scott and Kat’s meal wasn’t ruined! Oh, my, the joys of loving animals!!!

  8. REPLY
    Maggie says

    Love this. How long till the culprit decides it’s time to bring you out once again! ??????

  9. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Wow, I bet you were so happy to see the girls enjoying themselves and being happy to see you their caretakers; take your best
    bow, Kat and Scott. Hard work pays off!
    Y,all need someone to take care of you. I am thinking of you. Love❤️ from NC, USA

  10. REPLY
    Barb says

    Our horse used to “blast” out the loudest “snort” when he heard or saw deer in his field. It was not a usual sound from Nelson and when I first heard it I dashed out to check if he was all right. I soon discovered what elicited that sound and just sighed and smiled knowing he was just claiming his field.

  11. REPLY
    Carey says

    Maybe we should all take a guess, I would say Lady as she was playing in water? Thank you for the nice story, and how lovely to see them so welcoming.

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