Isn’t She Lovely

MaiaIsn’t she lovely?

Although she is very much a beauty, the joy that is Maia is her silliness and how contagious it is to those around her. There is a newer pond in the last yard that was finished a few months ago. It was dug during the dry season, so it has been empty. The girls love the dirt piles for dusting, but it doesn’t serve much of a bathing purpose.

After 10 days of rain, a small amount of water has collected at the bottom. While it doesn’t look like much, Maia thinks it’s fantastic. Yesterday she came back to the barn coated in mud; it was everywhere including her eyelashes. Guida as well, because what is a mud party without friends?

This morning we found supportive evidence of many foot and body prints and some dung at the new pond/puddle. Then this morning Maia headed straight for it after breakfast. The pond is in a place where it’s going to be somewhat difficult to get any video, but we’ll see if we can get lucky over the next couple of days.

October 1, 2018


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  1. REPLY
    Sherry says

    They are happy! I love your post!

    Thank you, Sherry

  2. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    Happy girls beautiful and muddy! Sounds like a lot of fun.! So awesome they’re free to be themselves.❤

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