Introducing the Captive Elephant Welfare Fund

As we continue to celebrate the year of our tenth anniversary, we think of every elephant we’ve worked with at Global Sanctuary for Elephants – even the ones who never made it to sanctuary. In honor of the elephants in our past who taught us what we know today, those who share our lives now, and the individuals still to come, we have created the Captive Elephant Welfare Fund. 

We reflect back on our accomplishments and know that, without a doubt, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Our sanctuary family sustained us when we were only a young and unproven organization, building a huge property from the ground up. You’ve stood with us through the long, but exciting, days of rescues – but you’ve also been there during the more challenging times when things don’t go exactly as planned. Through it all, you’ve never wavered, and for that we are forever grateful. 

This generosity of spirit – alongside the massive need for elephant care around the globe – inspired us to form the Captive Elephant Welfare Fund. The name itself is a representation of our dedication to the Global Sanctuary for Elephants mission. It’s with your help that we have been able to provide care, space, and autonomy to each elephant who has crossed the sanctuary bridge and walked onto healing ground. 

The Captive Elephant Welfare Fund seeks to focus on the heart of what true sanctuary is: a restorative home that the elephants have never known and would not have known if not for our collective efforts. The fund will also allow us to continue assisting other organizations working to improve the lives of captive elephants around the world, building an even larger sanctuary community that is committed to supporting one another. The goal is to create a new life for all elephants in need. Together, we will work toward that goal. We invite you to step into a new decade with us, as we give more beautiful elephant souls the life they perhaps never knew was possible. 

To learn more about the Captive Elephant Welfare Fund, click here.

Photo of Maia, Mara, Bambi, and Rana grazing in the habitat


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    Terry says

    THE WEB OF LIFE!!!! Super exciting after only 10 short years!!!

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