How the Girls Spent Their Day


Just a quick photo of this cute girl. Maia continues to do well and spent the day with R&R. As you can see, she’s still super smiley and flappy. We mentioned the other day that while Scott was away with Lady, Maia became super smiley. We’re not sure why, but it’s good to see a smile we hadn’t seen for some time.

All of the girls did well this afternoon. Scott sat with Ramba when she received her dinner to make sure she is eating well and seems good. We adore her and will keep a close eye on her always.  Ramba and Rana are still together while Maia has gone her own way for the night, taking herself to the back of five again.

Lady spent her afternoon exploring the two yards to the East of the barn. She really seems to like yard three and all of the bunches of smaller trees and bushes that she puts herself in the middle of and kick and squish around. It really is charming.

We’ll go down at 10 tonight, which we do every night, to check in with Lady and give her some food in her barn. She doesn’t spend the night in the barn, but she seems to find it a bit of a comfort blanket for the time being. There is no reason to discourage this behavior, we want her to find comfort wherever possible. And it’s a quick little hello and often her rumbling at the arrival of the four-wheeler.

December 8, 2019




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