Holiday Care Package for Ramba


                                                                                                                                                                              Send Ramba a Care Package Today!

Ramba steals the heart of everyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to know her. She is smart, curious, a little cheeky and she knows what she likes! Ramba’s curiosity attracts her to the activities of her caregivers, sometimes to see what is going on but mostly to see if she can bat her eyes and guilt you into giving her a little something extra from the produce bins. If this was one year ago she needed every extra bit of food she could get, but this year is much brighter.

Thanks you your support, we were able to fly to Brazil on Christmas Eve 2013, to check on Ramba, concerned for her dramatic weight loss and fearing the worst. To our delight, the primary cause was identified within the first day, poor quality hay. Several changes were made, including additional training for her care staff and running a few diagnostic tests while we started collecting fresh grass and sourcing substantially better quality hay for her. Within a couple of months her condition improved dramatically. Now, one year later, thanks to the coalition of support and more intensive daily oversight, Ramba continues to look as good if not better than she has in years.

Ramba, like most captive elephants, is compromised. She hides it well but her kidneys are not in perfect health and her digestive system is quite sensitive. Just two weeks ago Ramba had a small bout of GI irritation. If left unsupported, this could have lasted for a few days, possibly leading to other issues, but thanks to the early detection of her caregivers in constant consultation with Kat Blais, Global Sanctuary for Elephants’ Director of Elephant Health and Well–Being, Ramba was back to normal within under 24 hours.

We have found a formula that works for her, and while Ramba waits patiently for her forever home at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, we need your help to ensure she receives the continued care and quality food necessary for her health and recovery.

Two avid supporters and keen friends of Ramba have offered $3000 to kick off Ramba’s holiday care package- one quarter of the way to our goal of $12,000. These funds will go directly to Ramba, allowing us to provide her with two dedicated caregivers, working under our daily guidance, whose sole responsibility is Ramba’s well-being. These two devoted caregivers are pivotal to Ramba finding the life of sanctuary she deserves.

The cost to care for elephants plagued by the impact of their captive lives can add up quickly, you can help by making a donation to support Ramba’s nutrition and care for a day or even one month.  You can also visit her ‘wishlist’ to view or purchase the individual items used in her care.


Feed Ramba for a day $40

Pamper Ramba for a week $280

Nurture Ramba for one month $1200

You can also use Paypal to send a care package


Help us let Ramba know that we are all here to support her and that we all care as we work diligently to build her forever home at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.

Your holiday care-package for Ramba can also be a holiday gift for the animal lovers in your life. Make your gift in honor of someone you care for and we will send them an email message, the same day, letting them know of their gift in time for Christmas.



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