Helping Elephants on The Big Payback

Please join us on May 3rd to help raise the final $36,000 needed to complete a home for Ramba, Maia, Guida and other elephants throughout South America.

 There are many awards that can be won no matter how much you give, a total of $173,000 will be given away to participating nonprofits. All prize times listed are CST and the website has an official clock (if you are REALLY into winning prizes for the elephants.) This is GSE’s Big PayBack donate page (which is where donations have to be made to count)  The donate button on the page won’t be live until Tuesday morning when the event starts.

Each one of these prizes is over $1000 and has the potential to make a huge difference in helping us reach our goal. They are:

Gift closest to sunrise (5:52 am CST)
Breakfast prize (7:30 am CST)
Gift closest to noon CST
Lunch prize (12:30 pm CST)
Dinner prize (6:30 pm CST)
Gift closest to sunset (7:37 pm CST)
Last gift- closest to midnight CST

We will also be strategizing for an hourly prize, there are both most unique donors and most raised for each time frame. We are shooting for 3-6 pm CST. Our international supporters can focus on 3-6 am CST- this is 9 am in Scotland and England and 10 am in Norway and Hawaii.

Elephants here are waiting, and after years, this could be all it takes to finish creating their sanctuary. Please share with others to help make this a reality. Every single donation makes a difference!!

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