Happy World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day and this year the theme is ecosystem restoration. As we talked about in our Earth Day post, elephants are keystone species and are important to both the survival of other animals and the maintenance of their physical environment. Because they roam over large areas, their impact (like their size) can be massive. They have been called “ecosystem engineers.” 

We thought that today would be the perfect day to show you a few moments in time here in our sanctuary environment, which the elephants help to thrive every day.


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    Audrey says

    Happy World Environment Day

    Elephants are amazing beings. 🐘 ❤️

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    Nancy HartGold says


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    Julie says

    Gorgeous! Thank you. You lead a wonderful life…the way it should be lead. Love the sweet doggy in the orange dirt!

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      Kat Blais says


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    Katie Howard says

    Beautiful photos of a very special place – with special denizens, of many species! Thanks for sharing!

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    Bonnie says

    Who’s the doggie in the video you all have a beautiful Sanctuary I don’t know you all personally but I am so proud of you all for doing all of this for these Elephants what you all are doing is amazing

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    Debbie Sides says

    Absolutely stunning

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    Tammy says

    Happy World Environment Day you great big beautiful girls we love you thank you everyone for keeping their future and helping to keep our world thriving! 🐘 💕🌎 💕🐘

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