Happy Rana and Bright-eyed Ramba

A cute little start to your Monday morning – Rana and Ramba walking into the barn. Rana entered first and then had a little party when Ramba followed her. It’s the little things in life – after decades spent alone, reconnecting after even a minute apart is worth celebrating.

December 9, 2019








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    Lori Hoover says

    I’m here now from following the vocalization tags from the pages of Rana and Mara’s introductions (or reintroductions? LOL) I felt I should post something, after watching this as a tribute and thanks to Ramba. I wanted her to know I’m thinking of her, I wanted her to know I love her and that her friend Rana is really happy today. It hurt a little to watch, at first, but I was also just won over again by Ramba’s quiet strength, as always, before she left us.

    I have four thoughts, usually, when it comes to Ramba.
    1. Her first muddy pictures of Sanctuary, muddy and happy and smiling, coated in mud to the tip of her bottom lip.
    2. My thankfulness for the friendship she gave to Rana.
    3. My appreciation for her quiet strength, as shown in this video.
    4. One of her last photobombing appearances with Lady, as she quietly but cheekily shared some wisdom of living in the moment with Lady.

    I just wanted to say; I’m thinking of you, Ramba.

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      EleComposer says


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